I’m so excited to share this year’s Look Linger Love Ultimate Holiday Giveaway. I’ve teamed up with 19 of my favorite brands from this year to give away a package worth over $7,500 to one lucky reader! It could be you!




Here is what is included in this amazing giveaway :)


ANNA SIMS KING: From Anna’s Coastal Light & Seascapes Series, this 16×20 is oil and oil pastel on canvas and is sure to brighten up your room.


BISCUIT: Win a $250 gift card for to their shop! I’m a huge fan of their Biscuit Bedding – all of our Coral House bedding is Biscuit!


CALLIES BISCUITS: THE best biscuits hands down. Win the Handmade & Hand Mixed Biscuit Package which includes 9 dozen biscuits and two 15 oz. containers of pimento cheese. I’m coming over when you win.


CELADON: Win a $400 gift card to my favorite home store in Charleston! So many of my most loved  things in our home are items I found at Celadon. I’m beginning to feel jealous of this year’s lucky winner.


CHAMBERS AUSTELLE: Chambers’ bright and bold collage ladies are one of my greatest obsessions this year. One resides at Coral House, and this mini could reside with you!


HART HAGERTY: The object of my earring obsession, win two pairs from Hart’s latest holiday collection!


HEDGEHOUSE: You haven’t felt heaven until you’ve been on a Hedghouse throwbed. We have two at Coral House and this pink and white stripe one could be yours!


JANE POPE: The star of this year’s giveaway… You all know that my love for Jane’s jewels runs deep, and this blue topaz crown ring (valued at $1680!) just jumped to the top of my wishlist.


LAKE PAJAMAS: The most comfortable pj’s I own! Win a full set including top, pants, and a robe. I’m definitely getting a little green with envy.


LUCY CUNEO: This item combines two of my most favorite things – beautiful wall art + Harbour Island. Lucy is not only a friend of mine but also an incredibly talented photographer and she shot a Harbour Island series earlier this year. Win a 12×16 print.


LULIE WALLACE: Win a print from Lulie’s latest Middleton Place Silkscreens! This beautiful piece is 24×30 and limited edition. Is there anything Lulie can’t do?


MARYSIA: The lucky winner gets one of Marysia’s famous swimsuits! She’s my favorite resortwear designer. Guys, I REALLY wish I could win this giveaway.


SALLY KING BENEDICT: How amazing is this original “On Holiday Face” 4×6 painting? Sally’s faces just may be my favorite series by an artist ever.


SOEUR DU MAROC: A lovely pom pom tote! I have a pink one and when I’m not using it I keep it out as part of my decor.


STRAY DOG DESIGNS: We used Stray Dog lighting in our Coral House renovation and I swear they just make every space! Win this pink floral table lamp!


TEIL DUNCAN HENLEY: Famous for her beaches and her nudes, Teil is always a reader favorite! This beautiful nude is 6×8 and gets to go live with the lucky winner.


TRUE BOTANICALS: I’ve used True Botanicals for over two years and LOVE them. If you haven’t tried them yet you should. Winner gets a complete Basics Collection.


TUCKERNUCK: I barely get out of bed without checking Tuckernuck’s new arrivals. They carry the cutest selection from head to toe and I just love all of their models. Winner gets a $500 gift card!!


ZERO GEORGE: Charleston’s boutique hotel gem! Zero George is truly a special place to stay whether you’re traveling to Charleston or just having a staycation. Winner gets a one night stay!



It’s a pretty amazing holiday giveaway, right? One reader is going to win it all!






  1. Leave a comment below! Be sure to leave an email address so I can reach you if you win. That’s it. So easy!


***  GET A BONUS ENTRY by sharing the giveaway image above on your instagram account. Be sure to tag me (@looklingerlove) + at least 3 other favorite brands included in the giveaway in your caption. And then don’t forget to come back here and leave a 2nd comment for your extra entry.


The winner will be chosen by using random.org on Friday, December 8th. This giveaway is open to U.S. readers only (I’m sorry!).


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    Love Lake Pajamas.. Once you get a pair there’s no going back to anything else! All the best parts of the south in one giveaway, nice choices!

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    I love all of these things! I’ve started using True Botanicals and can’t say enough good things about their products.

  8. Shirley Craine says:

    What fabulous giveaway!!!

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    I lived in Mt.Pleasant for 7 years….. miss it so much. Love following your blog…. it keeps me in touch .You definitely have your finger on the pulse of the low country.

  10. Susan says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway–those pajamas and anything Tuckernuck have been high on my list as of late! Thank you thank you and Merry Christmas, Chassity!

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