Date: Apr 25 2018

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Good morning! I’m excited to share some books I’ve recently read that I’ve loved!



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I LOVED Southernmost. It’s the spin off to Sarah’s first book, Southern Solstice which I equally loved. And I got an advance copy of All We Ever Wanted, and it might just be Emily Giffin’s best book yet. And I cheated a little, The Couple Next Door and Party Girls Dies In Pearls are next on my reading list – but I’ve heard they’re fantastic – I’m so excited to read them.


I’m always looking for new recommendations so please share any great books you’ve read recently!





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4 Responses to “Reading List: Favorite Books”

  1. Allie says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait to pick these up. I recently read and loved A Column of Fire, part of the Kingsbridge series. They are long but read really fast. xAllie

  2. Kelly says:

    Did you like Opening Belle? It’s been on my list forever and I just haven’t picked it up yet. I DID love My (Not So) Perfect Life!! I just read The Assistants and LOVED it – it was so light and fun!

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