Date: Oct 9 2015

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My HP Sprout computer has been hi-jacked by my children. Seriously. They’ve discovered that they can scan in their favorite toys and dolls and make their own custom dress up games.





You can scan an item into the Sprout by laying it on the interactive touch mat. Or if you wish to create a high resolution, full color 3D digital model you can place your object on this 3D capture stage. It rotates around while it 3D scans (and it comes with sticky putty so you can secure your object if needed)!




At this point nearly every doll we have has been scanned in. Swords, play food, jewelry, flowers, you name it, have also been photographed.




You can manipulate your objects on the interactive touch mat by touching, tapping, and dragging – allowing you to move and pinch them into different sizes and angles. Both Lilly and Fletcher love “dressing up” their toys!




Because it just doesn’t always work in real life… ha!






The HP Sprout all in one desktop comes loaded with scenes that are really meant to be used as invitation and card layouts, but my kids just delete the wording and use the scene for their dolls. So sometimes they’re in outer space, or on a picnic, etc… It’s pretty fun :) Check out more fun project ideas in the Sprout creator gallery.


PS: Lilly’s stripe with bow dress is Kate Spade. I’m wearing this plaid top.


Photography by Charlotte Elizabeth Photography. Thanks to HP Sprout for partnering on this post.


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