Raise your hand if you were basically an honorary member of the Babysitter’s Club as a kid. I lived in the country with no girls nearby so the majority of my free time was spent either playing outside by myself or reading books in my room. And I read a lot of books. Like, one a day. I would display them on my book shelves like a badge of honor. My favorite books were the Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High Twins (devoted reader from the kids books to the college series). I had them ALL. And I saved them. And now Lilly and I read them together. We are up to number #32 and she’s just as hooked as I was.  

If you didn’t save your books then it’s been a HUGE bummer because they stopped publishing the originals and started publishing them as a type of comic. I mean. WHAT?! No!! Finally they’re getting with the program and have released a new Retro Set

Aaaand I’m not even done. NETFLIX announced that they’re planning a 10 episode Babysitter’s Club reboot!! They’re bringing back Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacy, Dawn, and Claudia. I realized they’re the original 5 but I love Jessie & Mal! Maybe they’ll work their way onto the show by the 10th episode to keep things moving for a season 2?! One can hope! Catch up on The Babysitter’s Club right here :)


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2 Responses to “The Babysitter’s Club: Don’t Call It A Come Back”

  1. Gentry says:

    Oh I read every single book in the series- I even named my baby sister “Mallory” after the books! ha. If they would bring Sweet Valley High back I would really be in heaven!

  2. Chassity says:

    They were the best, and it really doesn’t feel dated reading them today! Yes, SVH would be the dream!! Fingers crossed.

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