Date: Jan 28 2011

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Who here plans a special outfit for the Valentine’s date?  I’m a planner for sure.  And right about now I’m wishing I had this beauty in my closet.

And these to go with it.
What’s your favorite date attire?  I’m a dress and skirts kinda girl, myself.


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28 Responses to “A Sweetheart For Your… Sweetheart”

  1. Jessie says:

    That dress is perfect.

  2. Pretty!
    It depends on how cold it is outside. We live just off of the main strip, so often will walk into town for dinner/date nights. If the weather is too bad I will be in jeans and a cute top, but I do prefer dresses!
    Have a great weekend Chassity!

  3. 17 Perth says:

    I have to go with dresses and skirts too! Love love love this dress.

  4. Morgan says:

    That dress is gorgeous… I could totally see you wearing it!
    I’m definitely a skirt and dress kinda gal. They’re just so easy!

  5. Amanda says:

    That one is perfection! I have been thinking about it too, I host a small dinner that night and it’s always dressy so I need something new :) Fun! I am lovin the jewelry

  6. katie carlin says:

    that dress is gorgeous!! love the sequins. Have a great weekend! xx Katie

  7. Oh definitely a skirt or dress kind of girl myself…but usually because that means we’re going somewhere cool for our date! Otherwise, if it’s just laid back, I’m a pretty big fan of skinnies and my high heeled boots. It’s the only time I get to wear them anymore! (c: Happy weekend!

  8. Lovin That! says:

    Our date nights are usually pretty casual, but I think I need to step it up and pull out some sequins! Love that dress!!

  9. Sara Mueller says:

    Oh wow! What a beautiful dress! I wish I had it in my closet. And the jewelry is stunning!

  10. Ok I clicked on the dress and I was like “OMG amazing Chassity found my valentines day dress for me” and then… I saw the price. Oops. Nevermind.

  11. Deanna Pai says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! It’s so cute and girly and delicate and sparkly… I’m basically having a coronary here over it. Such an awesome pick. Have a lovely weekend, Chassity!

  12. tickled. says:

    That dress is INCREDIBLE! So wish I could afford the pricetag! :)

    Happy Friday!


  13. You have to get that dress, Chassity! It’s perfect for you!

  14. Natalie says:

    I need that dress! Sadly it’s out of my price range but it’s soo gorgeous!! Find me a cheaper version! Have a good weekend, Chassity!

  15. Nuha says:

    I love that necklace!! I am definitely a skirt/ dress kind of girl too :)

  16. Wow you just proved me again you have a great taste in dresses, this one is incredible!

  17. Very pretty and I love love the pink necklace!

  18. Such a great dress. I can’t remember the last time I wore something other than jeans for date night. I think I need some help. Ugh.

  19. Michaela says:

    So pretty! I want anything cute with glitter now (:

  20. Sarah says:

    great dress. love it for v-day. my date attire, jeans, heals and a cute top (winter), a dress and heels (summer). ;)

  21. Natalie says:

    Dying over that dress! Love!

  22. wow wow wow i am in *heart* with that dress! le sigh . . . and Alexis Bittar is one of my fav’s….amazing! I just visited the boutique store the other day on 3rd street (if you give me your email i can send you a photo of the inside of the store – it was so interesting & pretty)

    have a great weekend!

  23. Brandi says:

    I would die for that dress! You could wear it so many ways, definitely an investment piece!

  24. paula says:

    LOVE that dress!

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