Date: Jul 31 2013

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My dear friend Gaby has stolen my heart with her brand new floral photo series. I knew that she was a talented photographer, but she really blew me away with these images. I want to plaster a whole wall with them. I definitely need an “e” in blue violets.



At first glance I wondered why she chose black as the background. I quickly realized it’s because she’s genius. The bright flowers just pop off the page, don’t you think? I love seeing them presented in this way. Go check out the rest of Gaby’s floral series in her shop.


Want more awesome art? I freaking love these snake prints by Sarah B. Martinez that are new at Furbish. I mean. This picture makes me want to replicate this whole look on my wall. Which one is your favorite?

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.13.12 PM


My friend Christine’s baby Jasper’s nursery was just featured in Style at Home magazine. Absolutely divine is all I have to say. Just lovely, Christine. So happy for you – beautiful family and a beautiful home.




My numero uno blogger crush Nicole Warne (aka Gary Pepper) just made me fall in love with this triangle shift dress. It’s only $68 but do I dare even attempt it after seeing her rock it so well? She’s simply perfection.


gary pepper


Lastly, I’m looking for an awesome wordpress user that can tell me the best way to control spam. I’m getting hit up the wazoo over here and am wondering what works best without spending a fortune every month??


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29 Responses to “Awesome People & Things”

  1. I so need one of Gaby’s floral photos in the nursery. Those snake prints are awesome, they would also be cute in a little boys room. Get the triangle dress you would rock it too!

  2. Chassity says:

    I already have an “e” in violets on the way :) I know, those snake prints are super awesome.

  3. Loving those floral prints by Gaby right now too! So so so cute! xo Big Hugs @ Waiting on Martha

  4. Chassity says:

    They’re absolutely stunning!!

  5. Staci says:

    Obsessed with this nursery & the prints are amazing!

  6. Chassity says:

    Little Jasper’s nursery is better than my room. Geesh.

  7. LOVE everything. I need those snake prints. The flowers prints were made for me. And that nursery….?!?!? I want my entire house to look like that.

  8. Eileen says:

    Gaby is such a rockstar! Can’t wait to see your ‘E’ :-) And Nicole is one of my all time favorite instagram accounts, such an amazing life.

  9. Julia Ryan says:

    Love Gaby’s work! Those snack prints are badass!

  10. Chassity says:

    i know i know. so fun.

  11. Chassity says:

    i’ll be sure to show when i get it :)

  12. Chassity says:

    i would like my house to look like that too, yo.

  13. Brittany says:

    Wow, I’m pretty sure I need to order some of the beautiful floral prints for my new office!!

  14. Chassity says:

    They would be perfect in an office!!

  15. Gaby says:

    Thank you so so much! :)
    I have to say, those snake prints are so amazing! I don’t like snakes that much but these prints are so awesome that I forget that I don’t like them!

  16. I had a really crappy day in the blogsphere yesterday so coming to see this sweeter than sweet mention…well, it just means the world to me- thank you, thank you dear friend. And holy dinah is all I have to say in regards to Gaby’s art, those snake prints and that dress- all gorgeous!!!
    Sorry I can’t be of any help re: wordpress stuff- smam is the worst:(

  17. Chassity says:

    You know you can always be cheered up here, Christine :) xoxo

  18. Chassity says:

    I know, i forgot too :)

  19. Love the snake prints and console styling!!! Feeling major design envy right now. As a fellow momma, how do you style a console and keep little hands from getting into things they shouldn’t!? I’ve been keeping my home accessories at a bare minimum as an interim solution, which works, but is not any fun!

    XOXO, Stella

  20. Chassity says:

    Hi Stella! I know what you mean. But honestly, I feel like you should just do it and you might be surprised that they aren’t as interested in the stuff as you think. That’s what i’ve found around here at my house. Though I do have a little frog statue that gets moved around quite a bit…

  21. Love the snake prints! And I’m crazy about floral anything…that’s no secret. Your friend appears to be floating in that pic – don’t you think? Optical illusion.

  22. Chassity says:

    She is mid-air – cutest little jump.

  23. saw those snake prints and love them to pieces, even though I have a major snake phobia. as for the spam, have you tried installing the akismet plugin? that seemed to help me a while back. hope it can help you!

    xx, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  24. Chassity says:

    I haven’t yet but I think I’m going to. My friend Jane just emailed me about it, too.

  25. Katie says:

    Those floral photos are just simply beautiful! As for the emerald clutch… I NEED it!

  26. Chassity says:

    I know I loved that, too :)

  27. congrats to your friends nursery! I saw that earlier this week. Heaven! love that day bed!

  28. Manda says:

    Loving those snake prints! And as usual, loving your page. I want to yell “shut up and take my money!!” at just about everything you post!

  29. meg says:

    Looooove those prints from Gaby :) Feeling one (or three) for my new apartment

    Had many issues with spam as well! I just installed the plugins “Akismet” and “FV Antispam” on WordPress and they seem to be doing the trick! One of them costs a bit (I think $5) but that is well worth the 20+ minutes it saves me every day. Hope this helps :)

    – meg

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