Date: Apr 22 2019

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Good morning! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. We spent our’s in Charleston and it was really great. We had Easter brunch at my in law’s home and spent the afternoon and evening at our neighbor’s. Kids are off school again today!

In honor of Earth Day today, I’m featuring my favorite sustainable fashion brand, Everlane! Everlane approaches the business of fashion in an ethical and transparent way. They make clothes to last. And their basics are sophisticated. Last year Everlane announced an initiative to remove all virgin plastics from it’s manufacturing by 2021. Are they perfect? Nope. But it’s important to celebrate and support the brands that are making conscious efforts. And it’s easy to support them when they look this good :)

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I need this top! And bonus, their prices are transparent without traditional retail mark up! Check out all of Everlane right here!


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