Date: Dec 17 2019

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I know I’m cutting it close on this Gift Guides with Christmas Eve just a week away! But if you’re anything like me you’ve only just begun your shopping and are scrambling for ideas, or maybe you’re just looking for that one extra present for under the tree. Either way, here are a dozen more gift ideas for kids that are sure to please – many are tried and true favorites of ours!

Best Gift Ideas For Kids:

Kindle For Kids – This is high on Lilly’s list this year. The Kindle reader for kids comes pre-loaded with tons of classic favorite books and offers kid friendly book cover options!

Stripe Plush Robe – Is there anything cuter than a freshly bathed child wrapped up in a cushy robe? Nope. There isn’t. The end.

Jellyfish Lamp – So both of my kids have these and are OBSESSED. Like, every single night we have to turn them on (they turn off automatically after a little while). They really look like jellyfish floating around, it’s pretty incredible. They’ve had them for a year and are still so into them!

Stripe Bean Bag – Every kid could use a bean bag that they can move around! My kids love their’s and use them when friends come over, to play Nintendo, and to just lounge around the house. If you’d prefer a more classic look, check out these monogrammable bean bags!

DIY Necklace Kit – I love that these necklaces are back in style, they’re super cute, and I love that it’s a craft activity as well.

Illustory Book Kit – Make your own book – how fun would this be?! This kit give instructions and helpful hints to help your kid write, illustrate, and “publish” their first hard cover, 20 page, professionally printed book!

Faux Fur Coat – DVF x Rockets of Awesome just made the cutest fur coat!! Perfect for a little fashionista.

The Mouse Mansion Book – One our family’s all time most favorite children’s books. Both Lilly and Fletcher loved this book equally. It’s so special that I can’t even describe it. Seriously. A must for every child.

Nailmatic Polish – Safe nail polish for kids that won’t stain AND it washes off with soap and water! Love this brand!

Monster Magnets – Mix n Match magnetic parts to create funny monsters on different backgrounds. These would be great to bring along to restaurants, for travel, or just on a rainy day. They remind me of the paper dolls that I used to love as a kid, but they’ll last longer.

Marysia Swimsuit – I love Marysia’s rash guards for kids, they’re well designed and protective from the sun, which makes my day a whole lot easier! So it’s basically a present for the parents. You’re welcome.

Harry Potter Book – A Scratch N Sniff book from the Honeydukes Candy store from Harry Potter!! I mean, how fun is that!! Perfect for any Harry Potter lover.

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