Date: Oct 17 2017

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Half the fun of October is dreaming up halloween ideas, am I right? With just 2 weeks to go, here are 5 fun costumes to give a try!


Holly Golightly:

The cutest satin sleep mask set from Etsy with this simple white tux shirt and then bam, you’re Holly Golightly.



Troop Beverly Hills:

One of my  MOST favorite childhood movies. Dress up in some khaki and green and don’t forget the Troop Beverly Hills pins. I want to do this one just so I can pass out these stickers.



Disco Roller Skaters:

You KNOW that you’ve wanted an excuse to buy a pair of candy colored roller skates. Pair with sequins or some pretty sweet track shorts.



Simply Irresistible Music Video:

All you need is a tight black dress, a white guitar, and the perfect red lipstick! Maybe change your ring tone for the night, too?



80’s Aerobics:

Fun fact, when I was a kid my mom was an aerobics teacher. I’ll never forget her practicing and mixing dance tapes in our family room. And her geer!! Check out this outfit! Don’t forget the leg warmers.



Have any other ideas? Please share!







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