Date: Mar 4 2014

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Hey Hey Tuesday. Here’s some of my life lately in no particular order…


I very hesitantly tried this Bare Minerals 7 Day Skin Detox peel. I really didn’t think much would happen since it’s sold over the counter and I haven’t heard a lot about it. Um, no, this shit is legit. Just 2 days in I could tell a difference already. My skin actually looked brighter and more even. I keep meaning to contact them and find out how often I can do these but always forget. Anyone know? Regardless, I highly recommend you try it! If I find out I’ll update this post.


skin detox


Our camellia trees are blooming and it’s making our yard look so pretty. If only the rest of our plants were alive.




I’m in this month’s Charleston Magazine for their Fashion Insider Feature. This feels pretty awesome. But I guess they couldn’t find any pictures of me where I didn’t look pregnant? At least they made it the smallest one. High fives Charleston Mag. I’m going to go do some sit ups. Y’all should go check out the article because there are all sorts of awesome Charleston designers and such in the feature. Good read.


chas mag feature


Speaking of press, I feel really, really lucky to be considered by Southern Living as one of the 75 Most Stylish Southerners. Holy freaking cow. Josh has been having a great time mocking me about this one though. For example, if we have to wait for a table at a restaurant he’s all like, “don’t they know you’re the 47th most stylish southerner?”. When I respond with an eye roll and that I don’t think it was in order he just says “Oh, so you could be the 75th”. It’s pretty hilarious really. Stephanie, thank you for including me!!


Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 8.48.14 PM


Josh and I have been researching vacation spots for a short(ish) getaway that is nearby. Naturally I’m stocking up on beachy wardrobe stuff. This cover up tunic dress (also available here) is one of my favorites. Props to Lilly for this photo (watch out Gray, ha).




Stopped by Gap and am just delighted with their spring line. I mean there are all sorts of good things like these shirts and this chambray dress. Oh, and these clutches look so luxe, what a score. Today you can take 35% off your purchase.


gap shirts


Working on an upcoming collab with Johnston & Murphy and am so super pumped about their little bow back flats that I got them in 2 colors.


johnston and murphy


After school yesterday Lilly was flipping through the latest Land of Nod catalog and shouted “hey that’s us!” Yep indeed. Thanks for that fun surprise LON! We love you, too!! It’s like the room makeover gift that keeps on giving. As an aside, the rest of the catalog is really good. So many cute new arrivals.


land of nod


Charleston got a Madewell (finally!). This makes me really happy because they’re style is totally my style. I didn’t get this striped shirt because I found so many other things (like this popover top), but don’t you like it?


madewell stripe


I’ve been wearing my new Kate Davis bracelet stack everywhere. One of the bracelets is missing in this picture because Lilly took off with it but I just found it, thank goodness. Also loving my Fossil cross body bag (comes in 7 different colors), and the Christina Jervey stacked rings.


street look


Let’s end it on a crazy deal. THESE sandals at Target. They are fabulous, come in 4 colors, and are only $20! While you’re on the site check out this lavender and gold tufted ottoman. It’s bonkers.


target shoes


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17 Responses to “Life Lately”

  1. Kendra says:

    Chassity, I think we need a hair tutorial post, because your hair is looking fabulous. Love the cut and casual waves!

  2. Chassity says:

    Oh geesh really Kendra? I feel like my hair is always so crazy. But thank you. I’ve been letting it air dry and then touch up the top layer with my curling wand. Thank you for making me feel good :)

  3. charlotte says:

    you are like, the coolest ever, chass. drinks soon love?

  4. Gaby says:

    I need a Madewell here, NEED IT!!! Congrats on the feature, so cool! :)

  5. Chassity says:

    It’s NOT going to be good on my wallet.

  6. Chassity says:

    You know better Char. Yes drinks stat!

  7. Shelby says:

    Great shopping finds and so many exciting things happening for you. Can’t wait to read the CM article. The kiddos are too cute!

  8. Mary Hayes says:

    Love all your finds!!! Especially the flats, which lately are my favorite thing. We got a Madewell here in St. Louis in November…approximately 2 seconds after I found out I was pregnant – sadface. I am looking forward to stocking up on post baby jeans there this summer though!

  9. There is kind of too much goodness in this post for me to even comment…I think you should be the #1 stylish but that’s for another day. And I’ve been loving everything at Gap lately too, their jeans are my favorite!

  10. Chassity says:

    See, your comments always make my day! Thank you. xo

  11. Chassity says:

    Aw congrats on your pregnancy! So exciting. I totally wore regular clothes through both of mine, just looser styles or up a size.

  12. Chassity says:

    Hi Shelby! Thank you so much :) I think they’re pretty cute too, xoxo

  13. Annie says:

    Congrats on three published features – so exciting!!! Also, headed to Target this afternoon for those sandals. I was just saying yesterday that I needed some for this spring! xo

  14. Chassity says:

    Really exciting, thanks annie!!

  15. Ali says:

    I asked at the store and the 7 day detox peel can be done every few weeks (they suggested once a month for me) and if you don’t douse a cotton pad in it should last you a few months. I really like seeing results a few days in too. Hope this helps!

  16. jillian says:

    OMG those sandals are gorgeous! wish i saw them earlier, i just ordered something from target! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  17. I saw your Land of Nod collab on the catalog!! yeay!! Congrats!

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