Date: Nov 9 2016

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A little bit of life lately! And by lately I mean the last couple months…


School was out yesterday for the election so we met friends at the Trolls movie. The kids wanted to bring along some “mascots”. Ha!




And yes, I voted. Bright & early. Wearing these sneakers and this new coat that I’m obsessed with!




This sweet guy melts my heart on a daily basis.




Last week we celebrated my friend Anna’s birthday at the new McCrady’s. The meal was 18 courses – it was interesting and fun but nothing really blew me away other than the service.




My lace romper is old but I’m wearing these earrings (love!) and these shoes.




And then this weekend we celebrated Anna’s baby shower (Anna had a busy week). Isn’t she cute? I’m wearing this dress.




Blue heels with our blue stripe rug.




Pretty house in the hood. This belongs to Out of Hand’s owner Lisa Thomas.




Red dress with new earrings! And these shoes! I wore this Kate Spade dress to our Christmas party last year.




This year’s HCF party at Nathaniel Russel House was so much fun. Perfect weather, perfect setting! Thanks to all that came out.




Black lace up flatslong sleeve stripe tee, and givenchy tote.




Halloween!! It was so much fun this year :) I think it just gets better and better at this stage of our lives. The kids had so much fun at the neighborhood party and trick or treating. We have So Much Candy. Send help. I’m wearing this bunny head.






I’m ashamed to admit that my mudroom had been taken over by storage… But I finally cleaned it out! And hey I found a look a like for less tile!!




I just finished the book Small Great Things and it was seriously eye opening and inspiring at the same time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great read.




Hanging out on Sullivan’s. This is at the cute store Goldbug!





Metallic loafers.




And that’s it for now!



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