Date: May 10 2011

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Remember this post when I introduced new sponsor Homemaker Movement and I told you I was getting this pillow?

Well she came.  And she was so sweetly packaged with a lovely little sachet.
Lilly loves it.

And I love it too.  You need to see this pillow in person to fully appreciate it!  The scented spa insert smells absolutely divine.  Goodness it is perfect.  Now I need help deciding where to put it.
In the guest bedroom?
{Which hasn’t really been decorated b/c we know we’ll eventually expand our family.}
{PS – cannot wait to recover that bench!}

Or in the seating nook in our office?

Let me know what you think!  And then go visit Homemaker Movement because her shop is filled to the brim with quality, gorgeous pillows like these.


And she recently added this silk & velvet meditation zafu pillow that’s filled with organic buckwheat hulls. Be still my heart.
Whew, such luxurious goods.  Okay, spill it – guest room or office?


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43 Responses to “My New Pillow: Where Should It Go?”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Definitely the office! The huge pillows on the bed dwarf the throw pillow – it stands out more on the office chair.

    LOVE all those pillows…clicking over to that site now!

  2. Chair in your nook for sure. Its such a pretty pillow. And Chassity, your little one might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  3. Jenna Lee says:

    I vote office! Love that pillow! Lilly is so cute! Thats my favorite name!

  4. 17 Perth says:

    I am loving it in the chair in the office. Looks great there…and by the way—LOVE the matching paintings in the spare bedroom.

  5. Simply LKJ says:

    Agreed, office for sure! It is dwarfed on the guest bed, and I am sure you don’t use that room as often. It is a beautiful pillow and should be seen!!

  6. I like it propped on the bed : ) And your baby is edible!!!

  7. Hmmm, I think office. But really, with a pillow that gorgeous, you can’t go wrong haha

  8. I’m thinking the seating nook in the office.

    And how cute is Lilly’s outfit????

  9. I love it on the office chair-I think the scale is better there. Beautiful pillow (and baby girl!)!

  10. Totally the office … although I’m too captured with that gorgeous picture of sweet Lily to really pay the pillow much attention!

  11. office! It adore that pillow. I can’t wait to see you expand your family and decorate that room!

  12. I’m thinking it looks pretty great in the guest bedroom! Great focal point!!

  13. What a great pillow. I see another great nursery in the making. And can we chat for a moment about how adorable Lilly and her bloomers are!

  14. My vote is for the office! Love it on the chair.

  15. Roxy Te says:

    you could put that pillow anywhere! and your daughter is so precious :)

  16. Amanda Hill says:

    OFFICE! You will enjoy it more, bc you are in there…guest room you don’t really ever use yourself.

  17. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Where will you get to use it or see it the most? My gut instinct was to say guest room. But now I am thinking office! Def office!
    How cute is your little girl? Adorable!

  18. Lily says:

    Definitely the office !! Your home is beautiful and Lilly is beyond adorable…and has a great name if I do say so myself :)


  19. Gorgeous pillow! It looks great both places, but I kind of like how it’s front and center on the bed.

  20. Bud and Leo says:

    I vote for the office!

  21. Nuha says:

    My vote goes for the office. Or with lily..because she is so stinkin cute

  22. Your daughter is so adorable and I LOVE her little shorts!!! ummm that’s a tough one but I’m loving it on the bed!

  23. Natalie says:

    I vote for the office- or you can send her to my house if you can’t find a spot:) How does next week look for lunch or drinks? I am still recooping this week from my binge fest in Miami!

  24. office it is! too little for the bed…hmmmm i need that meditation pillow!

  25. OFFICE! Looks wonderful in there!
    Have a pretty day!

  26. I’m loving it in the office nook!!

  27. I’m loving it in the office nook!!

  28. In your office! I’m loving these pillows. And Lily is adorbs!

  29. Ashley says:

    It looks great in both, but the office gets my vote!

  30. I vote for the office. Even though I love how it picks out the blue from the bedspread and pillows, it stands out more on the chair ;)

  31. I vote for the office. Even though I love how it picks out the blue from the bedspread and pillows, it stands out more on the chair ;)

  32. I vote for the office. Even though I love how it picks out the blue from the bedspread and pillows, it stands out more on the chair ;)

  33. I vote for the office. Even though I love how it picks out the blue from the bedspread and pillows, it stands out more on the chair ;)

  34. Office and I’ll say it again, that little girl of yours is ADORABLE!!!

  35. emily says:

    My vote is the office. That pillow is gorgeous and your little girl is adorable!

  36. Your girl (and her bloomers) are distracting me with their cuteness! Spread her on a cracker and eat her up!!!

    Seriously, love how YOU are asking us. With your stunning house and taste. My 2cents: get another matching pillow and put one each in front of sham on guest bed. Or in office chair.

  37. Susan says:

    I say office! When you glance at it while working, you’ll see beauty and inspiration.

  38. Natalie says:

    Office! Who makes those chairs??

  39. Gray Benko says:

    Love it! I vote office.

  40. I fall in love with your home more and more- your guest bedroom is so pretty! And your daughter in her adorable outfits!!!!

  41. pretty sure that precious child of your’s should just carry it around all day. They look fabulous together!

  42. I like it in the seating nook in your study. And may I say, what a FABULOUS cushion, I love it! Nicolex

  43. Whoa, those pillows look really great! Lilly definitely enjoyed the pillow, and your guests will love the bedroom you prepared for them. Those are simple yet elegant home designs. :)

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