Date: Jan 31 2014

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True story: It was a normal morning as I was checking new arrivals at my favorite online spots when I came across the OYObox – A box who’s sole purpose is to store and protect sunglasses. Um, great idea. I need this. So I favorited it and kept it on my Keep and all that fun stuff. Next thing I know I get an email from OYObox saying that they saw it on the Keep feed and would like to send me one to try. You bet.




I chose this burl color but there are a lot of other options including white, black, red, mahogany, bamboo… Normally I keep the case on my dresser and not on this kantha quilt (duh) but for the sake of better and brighter pictures, here she is.


IMG_4522 IMG_4523


I’ve never been good about taking care of my sunnies. They get tossed around in different purses, left in my car or my husband’s or even the golf cart, left on the counter, vanity, who knows where else. So it’s great to finally have a place to actually corral them to.


IMG_4526 IMG_4533 IMG_4535


And the quality of the OYObox is shockingly amazing, not to mention how pretty it is. I mean, it’s legit. And I treat it like gold which I guess is the point, right? We should take care of our things. So thank you to OYObox for making it easier for us to do just that.



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2 Responses to “Oyobox”

  1. This is genius…I pinned it awhile back but forgot about it so thanks for reminding me!! I’m always losing my sunnies too! Cheers to chic storage!

  2. Chassity says:

    Isn’t it the best idea? I’m love mine so much.

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