Date: Aug 10 2012

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I know. You totally expect finished and styled and beautiful images of our new home. Alas I don’t have that for you. But I can show you a (pre-filled) corner of our master closet. I wanted an industrial and eclectic looking space as opposed to the traditional closet at our old home (see that feature here).

So I’m using a bookcase we already had for my shoe and purse storage. And we just used inexpensive black iron piping to build our rod system. That crystal chandy is pretty special too, it was original to the home. So happy we could use it. I love the way this room turned out.
Happy weekend, Everyone!


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  1. Erica Bellio says:

    I love that you are using the pipes to hang your clothes! What a fabulous idea! I love your style lady, so chic, yet masculine…and I have similar stye so I appreciate it very much!! Good job on the previous closet. I would say that would be my dream closet. But instead we have a small box room that you can take a few steps inside and then your done. AHH! What a nightmare. But I added a few pieces to make it a little more functional and feel like it could be better with work. :) Just takes some time! Anyhoo I love your blog, and would love if you followed me or even just took a peak at mine. I am just starting out,, but I love love love to visit!

    Erica xxooo

  2. Love this. You are such a talented little lady. Cannot wait to see more!!!

  3. This looks too cool! We have industrial pipe in our closets too but mostly because they were built eons ago before plastics where invented. ha! This is going to look insane in the membrane when you finish filing it up with your pretties. And loving all the unfinished sneak peeks! You are working hard down there my dear!

  4. carolyn says:

    BRILLIANT!! i love this so much.

  5. Such a great idea to use pipes!

  6. Michaela says:

    Looking great! Loving the black iron piping!

  7. Love the vibe, this is going to be such a cool closet.

  8. Love the vibe, this is going to be such a cool closet.

  9. Love this idea!! I remember that bookcase, geniu idea! Sorry about lunch today:(

  10. The pipe looks awesome!!! From pull up bars to gas lines to display, ha!! xx

  11. Brilliant. And I have a crush on the chandelier. xoxo

  12. What a great idea! The chandelier totally makes it …love that it’s original to your home!

  13. I’m pretty sure that repurposed furniture, industrial elements, and an awesome chandelier is the recipe for closet perfection…oh and your wardrobe (c:

  14. Erin says:

    Love the preview! I’m sure the rest will turn out great! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  15. Alissa says:

    I love this idea!! I seriously wish I had the room to do this!

  16. LOVE the industrial look. So excited to see bits of your new home. ;)



  17. Very inspiring space! Love the use of the pipes too. Congrats on a dream closet.

  18. I love love love this look!!! Like a loft space where cool peeps like kate moss would hang out! Can’t wait to see all the finished pics

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