Date: Dec 29 2012

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Gee wow that was my longest blogging break yet coming in at 6 whole days. I needed it, apparently. I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas holiday with my family. So much so that my pants are real tight and I don’t want to wear them. I mean, even my underwear feels tight. Also, my house looks like it exploded. Toys everywhere. I don’t even know where to begin.

But now, how to break this blogging silence? Shouldn’t it be something very profound? Like a major announcement or something? How about… I’m pregnant! I’m not. We’re moving! Again, not. But what I do have for you…

Exhibit A of why I think indulging isn’t so bad.

Crystal Renn looks good. Just sayin’. Don’t feel guilty, enjoy your weekends!


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5 Responses to “Merry”

  1. 17 Perth says:

    She does look good—and thank you for posting! Haha. I can relate. :) I think at this point, indulging a little longer won’t hurt anything. And I have to admit–I am a big fan of wine and cheese–maybe for new year’s i’ll change it to sparkling wine so it is a bit more festive. :)

  2. I ate way too many yummy meals as well, but it is impossible for me to deprive myself during the holidays so I just go with the flow.

    I agree, her bod is amazing. She is curvy in all the right places!

  3. I’m right there with you and don’t feel guilty at all! We’re still enjoying our new toys, the tree and having company over. After all the 12 days of Christmas aren’t officially over until January 5. Happy Holidays!!!

  4. Morgan S. says:

    If only it would evenly shape itself out on everyone that way – j/k. I do agree that a curvalicious full woman is beautiful…and there is nothing wrong with some moderate indulgence! /

  5. Jessica Wray says:

    Thank you!!!! Such an excellent post to come back with!!!!

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