Date: Apr 24 2012

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While running out for some pressed powder and a new lipstick yesterday evening I dropped into Ann Taylor (one of my new regular drop in spots since they revamped their image and opened up at the shopping center right by my house). My friend Natalie had told me about their 40% off sale. Off you entire purchase that is. And no, you don’t need to be a card member.

There are so many cute things in their current collection, and I came home with this Spotted Peplum Dress thanks to the 40% promo! Let me tell you that this is the most flattering dress you’ve put on in years. Being that I just had a baby, I have a “soft body” :) and this dress is the perfect thick stretchy material that sucks you in and smooths you out. I feel like a freaking goddess in this dress. I haven’t showered yet today (or I would have put it on for these pictures & none of you deserve to see that mess….) But here it is. Go buy it. Trust me.

And look, the dress has an adorable subtle peplum :) It’s so freaking cute and I’ll be wearing it year round. And fyi if you order, I bought the petite and a size down.
More pretties that are deserving of your closets…

And did you see that Kate Hudson is their new brand ambassador? She’s so gorgeous.

So they just extended this 40% promotion and for all I know it could end in like an hour because it was supposed to end Sunday night. So go now!


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16 Responses to “Quick! Get Your Butt Over There”

  1. That dress is SO cute, it looks so versatile.

  2. I LOVE that black and white dress – so so cute! Thanks for keeping me up to date on all the latest fashion finds lately girl!

  3. Oh, I definitely took *full* advantage of this fab sale…one of those gorgeous neon yellow bracelets and necklaces came home with mama and they are *gorgeous*…I didn’t see this dress, though! LOVE it…I’m running!

  4. Leslie says:

    What a great deal!

  5. Love your dress. The AT store in Charlotte didn’t even have it, so freaking adorable. Who knew that AT had such cute stuff right?? Can’t wait to see you in it!

  6. Lily says:

    Cant believe their new look ! Looks totally different, in a good way !!


  7. Kori Donahue says:

    The black and white dress is amazing! I hope you have a fabulous day…if you get a chance enter my giveaway. I’m partnering up with Margarita Bloom! Kori xoxo

  8. Love it! I always am a sucker for black and white. It actually reminds me of a shirt I have from Banana. Great find!!

  9. I was amazed when I visited their website not too long ago. They’ve definitely stepped up their game! Love the dress!

  10. Natasha says:

    oh no…this is going to get me in trouble!! love the dress though–greack pick!

  11. Not that I need anymore dresses…but.. I may need one of these. Loving the new Ann Taylor looks! Might have to take a detour by there on my way home from work today.

  12. Great dress! I haven’t been to Ann Taylor in a long time but might just have to take a peek! I had a baby 5 months ago so I totally understand the “soft body syndrome”, which I am suffering from as well. Let’s hope for quick recoveries…

  13. I was shocked as well when I stopped in there last weekend. I ended up with the dress you purchased, the purple/pink dress you featured, the striped skirt you featured, the shag top you featured… And several other basics. I hadn’t been in there in ages and was pleasantly surprised!

  14. Oh…they extended it?! Hmmm, I might just have to head over there at lunch time tomorrow…there is one right by my office. Now, the next question is what do I choose…? Or rather “what” is my limit?

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