Date: Oct 4 2012

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At least in my mind. Sally King Benedict, Kate Long Stevenson, Mary Nelson Sinclair, and Amanda Talley joined forces for a show at Blueprint in Dallas last weekend. Talent abound. You have no idea how bummed I am that I wasn’t present for this greatness…

These photos are taken from the artists themselves. They’re not fancy. They’re just real. Enjoy :)


 And Kate’s husband showing off his woman’s work…

 Sally King Benedict, y’all!


 Sally again… These colors… so good.

A little Mary Nelson… she’s one of Sally’s long time besties. Pretty freaking good, right? That bottom middle piece makes me want to pull out my wallet. I just looked it up though, it’s sold.

And Kate again, that middle one might be my very favorite and should be in my house.

Oh look – Amanda Talley! Hello genius.

Here’s a picture of Mary Nelson. Isn’t she the cutest?

{Kate + her baby bump, Mary Nelson, and Sally}
I know! See more from Sally here, Kate here, Mary Nelson here, and Amanda here!!


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11 Responses to “The Mega Show”

  1. caycee says:

    All these girls and their art are simply stunning!!!!

  2. 17 Perth says:

    So. Much. Talent for sure!! Would have loved to seen some of these in person!

  3. daninotes says:

    Perfect combination!!! LOVE!!

  4. Leanne says:

    Such gorgeous artwork! I especially love the pieces in the very first photo. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nothing I love more than yummy art- this is all gorgeous!!!

  6. That is a copious amount of fabulous art all in one place…and an awful lot of cute gals to boot (c;

  7. Amazing show with some talented ladies. Wish I was there too!

  8. cassie says:

    SO much amazingness in one place!!! I got to meet Sally when I was visiting one of my best friends in Charleston, she’s the sweetest! How could you only pick one piece? I want them all!

  9. Beautiful artwork- but I need Mary Nelson’s dress!!! I wonder who the designer is???

  10. The Now says:

    Yay it’s my favorite store!!!!!!! I’m sad I missed this party! The artwork is so beautiful!! xox

  11. Wow. Sally’s piece above the green chevron pillows? I die. Beautiful work!

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