Date: Jan 14 2020

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I am SO excited to return to the Southern C Summit this February. I’ve been going to this conference since 2013, minus the last two years for scheduling conflicts. I had serious fomo last year watching so many of my friends and admired industry experts from afar on instagram, so this year I’m not missing it. This year’s Summit will be February 5th – 7th on Sea Island, Georgia!

In case you’re not familiar with the Southern C Summit, it’s basically 3 days of socializing and learning from fellow industry friends, experts, and entrepreneurs. Topics focus on social media strategy, branding and marketing, PR, working with influencers, best practices for websites and newsletters, entrepreneurial advice/tips/motivation, work-life balance, and partnerships and collaborations, among others. And the food and drink and parties included is a whole experience in itself. No joke. There is literally something for EVERYONE. And I always say that it’s the most beautiful and KIND group of ladies gathered to literally lift each other up. As you all know I don’t really go to any conferences other than the Southern C Summit because this one is just different and special. Whether you’re well on your path to where you want to be, or you are trying to get inspired and just figure it all out, this experience is truly the best.

Past presenters include Gray Malin (above, and he was as fantastic as you imagine him to be), both Marysia Reeves and Julia Engel (two very dear and incredibly talented friends of mine), key voices from major businesses like Pinterest and Jet Blue, and so many well noted magazine editors.

This year’s presenters include Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co, Amanda Lindroth of Lindroth Design, Elizabeth Mayhew of the Today Show, and many more. There are 12 educational sessions, and I’m really excited to hear Lydia Fenet speak! Mixed in between all the sessions there are fun breaks and even a complimentary headshot session!

And I’m looking forward to being one of the Mentors during the mentor sessions at the Summit! These are basically small break-out tables focused on an individual topic, which will all be presented soon (I think this week)! I’ll be focusing on building a product/brand out of an already established voice. Essentially extending your brand. Traditionally companies start with a product first and then think about branding/content, but I’ve sort of done it backwards. There is no wrong or right way to grow! I’ll be sharing my experience with our rental home Coral House in the Bahamas, and also a new product we are about to launch (SO excited to share more about this soon)!

What I haven’t even mentioned yet is that the Summit takes place at one of the most gorgeous hotels I’ve ever stayed in, The Cloister on Sea Island, Georgia! Everything about this place is magical.

The Southern C Summit is limited to 300 attendees, and there are a few tickets left! Check out the website to see pictures and bios of all the presenters and mentors, as well as more information on what to expect. If it sound half way interesting to you (which is should) then buy the ticket! Take the three days for yourself, you won’t regret it. I would love to see you there!


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Date: Jan 13 2020

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Whether I’m dreaming of spring, summer, or an upcoming vacation, resort clothes are ALWAYS, hands down, my favorite style of clothes. They’re comfortable, breezy, feminine, colorful, and almost always have some sort of fun detail. Today’s New & Now feature is dedicated to the new Resort arrivals that are the cutest!


kos resort floral dress

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Raffia woven loafers for the win, and I can wear these in Charleston year round (it’s been 70 degrees here the last week). These would be really cute to wear while traveling to a tropical place, too.

I mean, how adorable is this Gingham one shoulder swimsuit?! That’s the perfect shade of blue, and the ruffle detail is gorgeous.

This light purple midi dress can go from beach to brunch, and would pair well with a denim jacket! And also a white denim jacket!

Do I even need to say anything about this blue stripe flowy mini dress? It pretty much screams “wear me every day”. It’s pretty popular too, so here are more sizes available here!

Now this curvy stripe crochet top grabbed my eye right away. It’s so unique! And doesn’t it look amazing with white jeans?

Banjanan keeps making this cute maxi dress in all the patterns and colors because it’s just the best shape!

I wear a majority of flat sandals in the summer and in beachy environments, so I love that these sparkly sandals add a little pizazz (how do you even spell that?) while still being comfortable.

This tiered dress is one of my most favorite shades of pink!! It’s really pretty and and easy to wear style.

When I mentioned “fun details” at the beginning of this post, the tie straps on this red maxi dress is a good example of that. A simple detail, I know, but still feminine and fun!

Okay so this white dress is my favorite thing in this whole round up! I LOVE the easy shape, the oversized sleeves, the short length, and the embroidered scallop trim! AND it comes in black as well!

Now these earrings make a statement. They’re like two beautiful sculptures for your ears.

I’m loving the tassels on this smocked white maxi dress. This just screams vacation to me!


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Date: Jan 10 2020

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Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing my first Amazon round up of the year, and I think it’s a good one! :)

This Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is gorgeous and only $80! Bonus, it even ships in a planter! I love plants in a basket, too.

Finally, a food carrier that isn’t ugly! This thermal casserole and food carrier keeps food hot or cold, it comes in a lot of different colors (I also love this red), and there is even an adorable round pie/cake carrier version as well!

This Floor Length Mirror is both floor standing and wall hanging capable! I love this walnut one, but it comes in a lot of colors and finishes.

Okay I finally watched the short video about the Ring Video Doorbell and I have to say that I’m feeling it. You can actually chat with the visitor at the door, and see video footage of porch activity! Check it out here.

Maybe I’ve been under a rock and surely I’m not the only one, but did you know that this Fitbit Smartwatch has ALEXA built in?! I know.

These Bamboo Toothbrushes are perfect to have on hand for all the last minute sleepovers that inevitably happen with kids! Plus it’s a better option for the environment.

This Dyson Pure Hot Cool not only heats and cools the air, it also purifies it! It removes 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. I don’t know EXACTLY what this means but it sounds pretty effective to me!

So this Jute Rope Woven Doormat is classic and beautiful and only $22! Yep!

So this Dyson Airwrap has been on my wishlist for a while now. About a year, to be more exact. It actually dries your hair all while smoothing, curling, or just adding a little wave to your hair!

When we were in Harbour Island over Thanksgiving we met a family who had one of these Beach Tents and we saw them set it up a few different days and it was so easy and quick! It’s anchored by filling the bags with sand – so simple! I’m ordering one to keep at Coral House. There are a lot of different colors and patterns but I’m thinking the coral color is the right choice.

This Eero Wifi System covers 5,000 square feet of Wifi access! And it can pair with Alexa so that you can easily manage Wifi access for kids!

How adorable is this Fleece Popover Sweatshirt?! I’m all about relaxed and cozy clothes right now and this one is so cute!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


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Date: Jan 9 2020

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We spend much of our lives in our beds which is all the reason you need to spoil yourself and create a luxurious space. We have two types of sheets that we switch every week, and I really love the juxtaposition. Sateen Sheets are very romantic (sorry, Madonna moment) and the Positano Linen Sheets just get better with time.


Linen Duvet Cover (in eucalyptus color)

Primaloft Duvet Insert (hypoallergenic)

Cotton Bed Blanket (underrated but essential)

Linen Sheets

Blue Embroidered Pillows

Seagrass Tray

And now is the perfect time to update your bed because Serena & Lily is having a big sale! 25% off bedding and beds!

1 | 2 | 3

4 | 5 | 6

7 | 8 | 9

You basically can’t go wrong. All of the beds are 25% off as well, and this one is pretty much the cutest!! And if your pillow is losing it’s fluff, the pillow inserts are also included in the sale! A fresh and comfortable pillow is a non-negotionable for me.

Shop the entire Serena & Lily Bedroom Event Sale right here!


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Date: Jan 8 2020

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Anyone else feeling fluffy after two months of sin? Don’t tell me it’s just me. So today’s post is dedicated to getting active. Some people love going for a run, some people love classes. I love working out at home. Which, as you all know, is why we turned our sunroom into a home gym.

But that doesn’t mean that I jump up every morning excited to knock out a long work out. I’m seriously not trying to act like I’m a great example, or like I know anything about anything really. But I did want to share a few things that I love. Most of my workouts take place on my Peloton, on my Allegro 2 pilates reformer, or on my Manduka yoga mat. If I had lots of extra space I’d get a treadmill, too, so that I could cruise-control walk at an incline and binge watch netflix (anyone else looking forward to season 3 of Good Girls?). But I love going for walks in my neighborhood and listening to music or podcasts (I like these headphones). And I like to wear these adjustable bangle weights on my wrists or ankles (they come in 13 colors) and are amazing.

Sometimes I prefer to make up my own routines, and sometimes I like to use a workout app. The apps I like are Peloton’s (you don’t have to own a peloton to subscribe) and Sweat. And I just started using the Obe Fitness app, and I’m really liking it! You can do it on your phone but it’s super easy to fling onto your tv as well (which is what I do)! If you use the code CHASSITY30 you’ll receive 30% off of your first month! Some of the gear I’ve picked up for these workouts include a foam muscle roller, a large exercise balance ball, and a 9 inch bender ball (all shown above).

In the photo above are some of my most favorite tools, the mini toning ball weights. They’re soft and comfortable to hold and come in different weights. What I like about them most of all is that they can easily be tossed down to the ground in the middle of exercises. You can’t really do that with barbells. Lilly likes using these, too.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

New workout clothes always motivates me as well. I’ve been wearing a lot of biker shorts. That twist front long sleeve top is the cutest layer to throw on with leggings. And a cute strappy sports bra can look good under dresses and tank tops as well!

Now this v-neck hoodie in the collage above is one of the cutest finds I’ve seen recently. It looks good alone or layered as shown above, and is made of a comfy, distressed terrycloth material that’s smooth on the outside but cushy on the inside. And the color options are gorgeous.

Last but not least… This vintage style standing floor fan is one of my most favorite purchases! It looks sooo good and is adjustable and is a total workhorse. It comes in a creamy white color as well, and also in a table top version (which I just gifted to my mom for Christmas). I can’t recommend it enough.


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Date: Jan 7 2020

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My first New and Now post of the year is focused on neutrals and has plenty of cozy pieces to get your through the next couple of cold months. So many cozy tops, like that cute drawstring tunic!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 | 6 | 7 | 8

9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Please tell me I’m not the only one who out-wear’s her bras? It’s time for an update for me, and this new bra style by Wacoal is so much cuter than what their supportive bras have looked like in the past. OR maybe I’m just getting older, regardless I ordered it! And that funnel-neck fleece sweatshirt is basically what I want to live in and comes in a few neutral shades. Have a great afternoon, Everyone!


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