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Date: Jul 30 2012

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All of yous.

Pretty Mommy can do no wrong (+ she’s running some awesome promos right now).


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Date: Jul 27 2012

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If the heat isn’t enough to motivate you to jump in the water, then perhaps tonight’s Olympic’s opening ceremony will (Go USA).

I’ll probably be too busy packing and moving this weekend. Yep, we’re officially in our new house this Sunday. Bomb. Now… who wants to help me move? I make a mean lavender martini…
Happy Weekend, Everyone!
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Date: Jul 26 2012

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We all need them right (unless you’re one of the few men that read my blog)? Fortunately I have a husband who totally gets this and never argues when I head out for one of my many girl’s nights!

So I recently visited Two Boroughs Larder with my girlfriends Natalie and Caycee. I had been to this new(ish) restaurant before and loved it and wanted to introduce it to my friends. It was a hit (I knew it would be. I’m kind of, sorta, really into food.).

Our cute server
Cheese… mmmm
 Tuna Conserva
 Bowl O Noodle – the bomb of all bombs
 Crazy good burger…

How do you unwind from a long day?


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Date: Jul 25 2012

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Today I’m sharing the cutest little shop with you all! Think adorable children’s things made by Charleston designers available for you, wherever you are!

That adorable photo above is from the opening celebration party for Little Fish. I dropped in to give Brook Griffin, Little Fish’s owner, a big hug. Sidenote, I look really short with these tall ladies (Molly Dargan, Kate Long Stevenson, Brook Griffin, and me).

I ended up staying a little while and drinking up all her drinks (or spilling them?). Anyway, the point is this adorable children’s shop is open for business. Brook has curated a happy collection of affordable clothing and accessories. A little vintage, some stationary, a lot of handmade pretties, plush toys, and general cute stuff. 
So many great ideas for gift giving.

My kids already have a few of the items available in the shop and we adore them! Little Fish has a really beautiful website with big pictures (love that). So go check it out!

Congrats on the new shop, Brook! I’m so happy for you.


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Date: Jul 24 2012

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This house….. so cool. Just check out the floor!

It’s obvious I’m all about some black and white, right? 
Photography by Max Zambelli.


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Date: Jul 23 2012

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Good morning. Here’s a dose of randomness. :)

Charleston Magazine’s latest issue has the most incredible bathroom featured. The home, that our friend Cortney Bishop helped design, is on Sullivan’s Island and is just incredible.

You can see the whole home story (written by Ellen McGauley and photographed by Peter Frank Edwards) here.

I want these friggin’ pants. Do you like the green or the black color better?


So bloggers have talent, ya know? They just do. And I want to share a couple of product lines that some blogger friends are rolling out…

Shannon is killing it with men’s ties. Have you seen her brand new (and affordable) line?
There are a lot more, including cuff links and all that fun stuff, on Drake Men’s website. Congrats, Shannon! I just love these.
I met Kimberly at Blogfest in 2011. Such a fun and sweet girl. She had my heart when she told me she designs wallpaper. Helloooooo, I love wallpaper. That there wallpaper above seen in the latest Society Social Magalog (our girl Roxy’s amazing line) is Kimberly’s. Pretty great huh? Her latest collection is pretty cute too. She’s trying to drum up funds for her 2nd collection over at kickstarter. If you want to support her go check it out!


On Friday I received July’s pair from the JCrew Shoe of the Month Club, the Everly Cap Toe Pump. LOVES.

I totally adore them. And I’m also really, really loving this pink t-strap pair too. Gahhhh.

But I guess I really only need one cap toe heel… right? Yeah. Probably right. 
I told you this is a random post. Sometimes I just have those days. The next two weeks could be a little scattered too because we are moving this weekend :) Yay! Last night I ordered something and for the first time got to fill in my NEW address. Craziness. 


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