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Date: Mar 21 2013

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Maybe my favorite thing about spring and summer is living in skirts and dresses. I’m such a girly girl, I just can’t help it. Skirts are totally my favorite of the two because I can completely switch up the look and get a million fun wears out of one item. It’s harder to switch up the look on a dress, ya know.

Warm weather flat out demands color. And color we shall bring! Here are my top picks for colorful skirts.

Which ones are your favorites?


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Date: Mar 20 2013

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You should make this. I have twice now. It’s really good and really simple.


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Date: Mar 19 2013

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I’ve rubbed my fiddle leaf fig and orchids in your face enough (that sounded unintentionally dirty). I’m not giving up on them, they’re like my first children as far as houseplants go. But I’m ready to add a new plant to the family, too. Enter the lovely philodendron.

Philodendron’s have a rockstar air purifying status and are very easy to care for. They’re also exceptionally pretty.
Clean living, y’all. Philodendrons. Sprinkle a stem or two in this pretty and double duty vessel.


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Date: Mar 18 2013

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I just hate when a wonderful weekend comes to an end. But who’s to say that Mondays can’t be absolutely delightful, too. So let’s all beat the Monday blahs together, yes?

Balance a polished and colorful dress with unruly (and freaking fun!) hair. Pair with t-strap sandals and a leopard duffle bag. And don’t forget to stop for your supplies to bake a polka dot cake, telling Monday she can shove it in the prettiest way possible.
Lindsey wore those Loeffler Randall shoes in the Glitter Guide photo shoot this weekend (which was such fun), and let me tell you, they are even more incredible in person!


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Date: Mar 15 2013

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Y’all are the sweetest with all the birthday wishes. Thank you so much!! The 31 things was a fun post to write. Maybe I’ll do another one sometime (but, like, only 5, ha!).

So my art collection has been growing! Yay. Here’s the latest.

I framed and hung one of my own paintings and am really liking it in this spot.
I painted two very similar ones here and here in my shop. And I know what you’re thinking, my striped blankets end up everywhere. I love them and am always moving around…
For Valentine’s Day Josh surprised me with a Lulie Wallace painting. I love :)
And for my birthday he also got me an original Clare Elsaesser painting after I blogged about it. Clare was sweet enough to also send along two prints and a pack of gorgeous post cards.
The top one is the original piece. Bottom two are gorgeous prints. I love these so much. Need to frame asap. 
Lastly, I got out my paints and added a little color to some charcoal nudes that I’ve had for years. Planning to hang these in our bathroom.
That’s all I have for today. I’m running off to do a million things today to prepare for a really busy day tomorrow. I’m hosting a girly pot luck on the porch lunch for some friends, then off to a fun photoshoot for Glitter Guide with some awesome girlfriends, and then a birthday dinner at Rutledge Cab Co with some friends. 
I hope y’all have a great weekend!


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Date: Mar 13 2013

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This morning I woke up a 31 year old woman. Can I still call myself a girl? Where the hell has the time gone? Sometimes I sit and think to myself, how the heck did I get here? And don’t confuse “here” with somewhere bad. Because I’m kinda living my best life ever possible. But, you know what I mean.

So in honor of turning 31, here are 31 things you might not know about me.

I’ve jumped off this quarry cliff. 65 ft tall. It was crazy stupid. I don’t think my parents ever even knew.

I sneeze a lot. My allergies get worse year after year. I just finally made an allergist appt.
I get really grouchy when I’m hungry. I’m kinda passionate about food.
I’m not a big sweet eater, but Baskin Robbins should bring back Chocolate Mouse Royal for shizzy.
I moved to Charleston without knowing a soul. Best risk taken ever.
I collected trolls when I was a child. My mom saved them and now my kids play with them.
I’m so relieved that I didn’t marry a man who wants to vacation in an RV. No offense. #notmything.

Josh proposed to me 2 months after we met. That was over 7 years ago.
My pet peeve is lateness. 
Chassity isn’t my real name. I witnessed a mob hit and am in witness protection. That’s a lie.
I’m not so much a pet lover. Especially dogs. My husband says this means I’m soulless.
I’m grossed out by gum, soft drinks, and cigarettes.
The one time I tried to learn to surf I got sea sick.
I’m terrified of what’s in the ocean, bugs that sting, scary movies, and the dark.
I dated a psychotic guy when I was in high school. Just long enough to learn not to date another one.
I bite my nails. It’s disgusting. I know I know I should stop.
I love to travel far distances and surprise people by just showing up. You should try it sometime.
I have a trucker mouth, with the f-bomb being my most favorite of them all.
I also eat like a trucker. Burgers, pizza, mexican, and cheesy fries are my favorites.
I had to have 3 blood transfusions after delivering Fletcher. That shit was cray.
(You’re not getting a picture of that one.)
Growing up, BabySitter’s Club (though I never babysat) & Sweet Valley High books were my jam.
I’m addicted to my iphone, my mac, and singing.
The Parent Trip (the original with Hayley Mills) is one of my most favorite movies ever.
Before the age of 11 I logged a lot of miles on 4-wheelers. Even got pulled over on one.
I’m generally really cheery, but I also have an inner hot head. It’s true.
I sang “It Must’ve Been The Mistletoe” in front of my whole school in the 6th grade.
While I sang that song I probably had a huge bow right on top of my head. I used to do that.
I know the words to most raps songs from 1990-2005. I don’t know what happened after that.
I really want to get a breast reduction one day.
I check my front porch multiple times a day for deliveries. Aways hoping.
This dress I wore to my 30th bday party last year fits kinda tight today. I’m working on that.
But not today :) xoxo


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