Date: May 30 2013

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Over porch drinks last night, I was laughing with my girlfriend, Krystine, over the topics of conversation we regularly have these days. I never would have thought I’d have such an interest in garden and landscaping, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate how fun and pretty garden decor really is. Really. All you youngin’s stop rolling your eyes at me (I’m not talking about gazing balls).

These spaces matter a lot when you spend a good portion of your days outdoors and enjoy entertaining. If you think your porch needs a lift I recommend checking out Anthropologie’s garden section. It’s a dream. I got both of these planters there and I’m in love with them.

This daisy dappled planter is freaking amazing. I want a million more of them. I think the laid back asparagus fern is really cool in there.

And I’m constantly filling this little herb pot with yard clippings.

Check out Anthropologie’s garden section. I also love this doormat, this hammock, and this birdhouse is like art! Thanks for making gardening cool, Anthro.


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15 Responses to “Garden Ready”

  1. Amy Florez says:

    I love those planters! I’m getting into gardening too, though I have no idea what I’m doing and my herb garden is looking sad and sick….

  2. I looooooove your planters!

  3. Love those planters!! I think there’s some asparagus fern in our garden too – haha some friends came and worked on it last week (they love & know SO much about gardening) and planted a whole bunch of things that I’m trying not to kill haha Garden spaces are important!! We only get a brief window of opportunity to enjoy them here in Canada so it better look nice! haha xo

  4. Haha! I agree! I never thought I would be discussing grass and flowers with my friends either. But, they are just so pretty!!! I still don’t like gardening, but maybe that will change!?

    Love all the planters!


  5. STOP IT! SO so pretty- want to copy every single inch of this!

  6. Are we just getting older or more sophisticated? ;-) Enjoyed it and if that planter goes missing, don’t check my porch!

  7. Love those planters!! Asparagus ferns looks good in anything…love them!

  8. So gorgeous! I agree, while it does requires some work, it makes such a big difference, especially when you spend so much time in it. I had no idea about gardening until we moved to the island, and I’m proud that the trees I planted from seeds stood up while we were there ;)

  9. Kate says:

    sooo pretty! But be careful with those flowers- they look like Lantana, which is poisonous! Especially to kids and dogs!

  10. 17 Perth says:

    Ridiculous. Love it all.

  11. Oh shit thanks for the heads up Kate! And thanks everyone!!

  12. I have those anthro herb pots in almost every size – love them! I scored some look-a-likes in a larger version at Homegoods this weekend. Your porch looks gorgeous!

  13. I am obsessed with anything that Anthropologie sells and especially their garden decor! I have a few planters from there as well and they are my favorite!! Love your peacock chair too!

  14. Julie says:

    yeah, I’m totally going to have to look for an asparagus fern, it’s awesome. I’ve never seen one before, but love it!

  15. christy says:

    Okay, the planters are ADORABLE. But, you have quite a hand a choosing the perfect clippings to accent them and show them off… we totally admire! Thanks for using florals in your feature… spreading the flower love!!

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