Date: Oct 2 2019

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You know you’re getting older when you prefer a night in to a night out. I LOVE to get out, don’t get me wrong. Trying new restaurants, going to old favorites, throwing on heels, catching up with friends… But these days I prefer my nights in to my nights out. I’m pretty low key and just need something cozy to wear, my couch, and netflix/hulu or a great book. But sometimes it’s nice to make it a little more…. more. And today I’m sharing a few ideas to do that!


round woven tray, seagrass glasses,

similar terra-cotta dish, blue embroidered pillow

True Botanicals Mask – My favorite mask of all my masks. I’ve been using this one for over a year and use it at least once a week. It’s the best.

Pillow Protector – As someone who suffers from serious allergies, I can totally get behind the pros of using a pillow protector for a healthier night’s sleep. Heck my kids could use them, too!

Green PJ Set – Part of Lake’s new fall arrivals, I love this shade of green but I love the fabric even more. I have these in a light pink and they feel like heaven.

Jade Eye Mask – You know, like your jade roller, but an eye mask! I know.

Chinese Checkers – A marble set that doubles as decor, and one of the most fun games. Fletcher loves playing this.

Dream Decoder Cards – Okay these are so fun. Ever woken up and wondered what that dream meant? ALL the time. Now you can pull out these cards and decode your dreams!! I know, technically these aren’t for a “night” in.

Blue Seagrass Glassware – My favorite glasses always and forever. Cocktails taste better in them, trust me.

Flour Shop’s Explosion Cake Collection – Since every night in is better with snacks… I know you’ve seen these gorgeous explosion cakes on instagram. Well the maker/founder/artist Amirah Kassem has launched a whole colorful collection so that you can make your own! There are super fun sprinkles, cake mix, frosting, decorating gel, colorful mixing bowls and utensils… You get the idea. Would be so fun to make with kids!

Blue Linen Robe – Linen. Enough said :)


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