Date: Oct 31 2014

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One of the most anticipated moments of my kids’ day is after school snack time. It’s a big deal that can sometimes lead to meltdowns if deemed unsatisfactory. Any other moms feel me? Some days are more exciting than others. Yesterday Shari’s Berries made me look really good with their zoo animal brownie pops. When they reached out to me about sponsoring a blog post I could hardly deny my family the possibility of free brownie pops, right?!



IMG_6382 IMG_6380




Happy faces up there. Yes, even that second to last one with Fletcher’s smooshy face. And bringing happiness is the whole goal of Shari’s Berries mission, to bring happy smiles to faces every day. They’d love to help you bring a smile to someone that you love.


And if you’re in the Charleston area and would like to win some of Shari’s Berries’ treats you should totally participate in this sweet happy face movement they just unveiled yesterday. For the next 6 weeks they’re giving away 25 gifts each week! To participate all you have to do is tweet, facebook, or instagram a post celebrating happy gestures towards others. These gestures can be as simple as snapping a picture of a happy couple together, paying for a stranger’s latte, or writing a thank you note to a friend. Whatever makes you feel good. Just be sure to include the hashtag #happyAface so that you’re entered to win. You can read more about the happy face movement right here.


Speaking of chocolate, happy Halloween! Who’s ready to trick or treat? I know those two up there are. Fletcher’s going to dress up as a pirate. Lilly’s going to be a mermaid at her school party. And for tonight’s neighborhood party and trick or treating she’s going to be a witch. At least, that’s the plan… She just can’t quite decide for certain!


This post was brought to you by Shari’s Berries. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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