Date: Jul 30 2014

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Last week Lilly, Fletcher and I spent the morning downtown getting hair cuts, donuts, and visiting the Children’s Museum. Lilly wore her new Old Navy white sundress because she likes the way it poofs out when she twirls. And well, you just gotta twirl when you’re downtown.




old navy floral print sundress, old navy glittery t-strap sandals




This is now our second pair of Old Navy’s glittery sandals! Lilly’s a big fan because she can put them on quickly (I like that too) and they stay on her feet easily. Of course, they sparkle and come in different colors, too.


LLL_streetstyle_69-3 LLL_streetstyle_69-4

LLL_streetstyle_69-1 LLL_streetstyle_69-2


She takes fish faces seriously. Shop Old Navy’s cute collection right here. I really love this tiered lace white dress, too.


Photography by Gray Benko. This post was brought to you by Old Navy. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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10 Responses to “Lilly Likes: Sundresses”

  1. Love her adorable little fish face…and those glittery sandals are darling! Baby Girl DeLaney definitely needs those :)

  2. Julia Ryan says:

    She is the cutest! And godbless shoes they can do themselves and quick!

  3. Kristen F says:

    Ok- so my daughter (also named Lily) just asked who is that girl. I told her “a little girl named, Lilly.” She said “Oh, well she does look like me…same skin, same hair, maybe even same eyes, same nose and same lips. Yep, she is pretty cute.” I died:) Oh and she is 6 going on 30!

  4. Emily says:

    She is so my daughter! My 3 year old picks out her outfit every morning- a dress that twirls. Love it!

  5. Chassity says:

    Thank you Lauren :)

  6. Chassity says:

    She always goes for a fish face :) And yes she does!!

  7. Chassity says:

    That is just really what it’s all about, easy to slip into or fasten and easy to take off. We’re always in a hurry to get out the door.

  8. Chassity says:

    Ahhhh I’m just seeing this for some reason. Normally comments show up on my phone, too. Your Lily sounds like the most fun :) Thanks for sharing Kristen.

  9. Chassity says:

    Dresses that twirl are always the first to be chosen… Ha! Can’t blame them.

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