Date: Mar 11 2011

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Charleston is abuzz with all things fashion as Charleston Fashion Week approaches.  There are wardrobe choices to be made, hair appointments needed…  Oh wait, that’s me.  Just imagine the array of details all of the designers have been juggling the past few weeks.  Well today we get to have a look at the process.  Children’s designer Barbara Beach will be showing her new collection on opening night.  It’s one show that I’m definitely looking forward to seeing.  And today she’s joining us to share some details of her journey as well as a look at her collection.

Barbara has designed the most charming collection of tailored, vintage inspired pieces.  Inspired by dreams of globe-trotting, Barbara shares “I want to paint a picture of the well-traveled child”.
{A peek at some of the gorgeous shoes that will be used in the show.}
Barbara also offered some of the details of her journey to the runway.
{Above is the invitation to the runway practice party all fourteen of the young models received.}
{And the runway practice party…  So charmingly sweet!  The girls dressed themselves.  You didn’t think we’d be giving away the whole collection here did you??}
I also squeezed in a few questions for Barbara. 

LLL: Any laugh out loud moments during your preparations for the show?
Barbara: These moments have happened every step of the planning process. While choosing music for the show… I laugh at every song that doesn’t fit the show. The children at the runway practice said funny things when I was asking them to do certain things. And for the clothing… oh the clothing… measurements, colors and patterns. So many things are bound to go wrong, when planning a runway show, so I just have to laugh.
LLL: What will you do to celebrate once CFW comes to an end?
Barbara: I am planning on getting out of the house as much as I can! There will definitely be swimming involved, coffee with friends, and maybe (definitely) a day trip out of Charleston:)
LLL: What does a children’s clothing designer choose to wear to her very own runway show?
Barbara: Oh, well! Thats a great question, because… Im in the process of looking for my outfit… any suggestions? So far, my favorite online place that fits the look that Im going for is ASOS. I just love the European look of the clothing.
What an honor to have Barbara visiting today.  If you’d like to see more, head over to her gorgeous blog, B.b. Inspired.  And trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the CFW festitivies.  Visit the Charleston Fashion Week website for information and tickets!!  See you there.


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17 Responses to “Children’s Clothing Designer Barbara Beach”

  1. lizziefitz says:

    That post is made me very happy that I have four girls! There are so many delightful styles to choose from Barbara’s collection. Thanks for sharing

  2. Natalie says:

    Adorable clothes, I might just have to hit up that fashion show. Loved the interview too.

    Thanks for your guest post yesterday and enjoy your trip:) xoxo

  3. Oh those little shoes and the skirts, so so cute!! Great interview lovely.

  4. Aw, makes me want to run back to Charleston now! And makes me want to find a sweet little girl to dress up in these amazing clothes! Great post.

  5. i loved her collection at the show last year. it was so much fun watching those littles walk down the runway. they were just adorable. i hope i can make it this year. thanks for sharing this post!

  6. oooh my goodness, how daaarliiiing!!! love the sketches too!!!

  7. Deanna Pai says:

    Love the interview! I wish I could have worn sequin shoes like those when I was that age. They and the skirts are just too cute!

  8. Oh my goodness, how adorable!! Great interview, too!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Lovin That! says:

    Great clothes! I’m always looking for unique items for my daughter. Great interview too!

  10. so sweet — and those shoes!!!

    hope you’re having a ball!

  11. i love the the invites! what a lovely idea!

  12. cute clothes. I hope they make their way to Boston.

  13. Simply LKJ says:

    Ooh…it’s a good thing my girls are older now, or I’d be in major trouble for buying all of her dresses!

  14. B. Inspired. says:

    Thanks for all of your nice comments today:)

  15. Michaela says:

    How fun! I love her designs! The little girls are adorable.

  16. Morgan says:

    The invite is too precious!

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