Date: Nov 30 2010

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Many of you may have guessed who today’s guest feature is after last night’s hint.  Daniella, of Dress, Design & Decor, hardly even needs an introduction.  Her blog is an absolute daily must read for me and for so many others.  Her writing sets a mood of calm elegance and she always (always!) has the most lovely images.  I was dying to get a little peak into Daniella’s life, and the collection of beauties and spaces she’s sharing today fit her like a glove.  She is, indeed, classy and fabulous.

Hi everyone! Daniella here from Dress, Design & Decor and so happy to be sharing a few of my favourite things from home today. I have yet to decorate (decisions, decisions…) but I’m a huge fan of crisp, clean white so it’s quite suiting for now!

1. I absolutely adore my bright bedroom with windows looking out onto the balcony. It’s nice to wake up with light streaming in, in a warm, cozy bed. Especially now that Winter is settling in. The pendant lights that hang over my beside tables are also a favourite of mine… something different from table lamps!

2. Books and magazines are strewn all over my home! I love fashion and lifestyle books, along with interior design of course. My favourites being about all things french! “Book clutter” is definitely welcome in my home. One of these days I hope to have a library room where I can relax and read with a good cup of tea.

3. In the main living area I have floor-to-ceiling windows with a great view. It’s really my favourite part of my home! In the Summer it’s all bright green trees, beautiful colours in the Fall, and magical when it’s snowing in the Winter!

4. Candles are a must have for every home. I received this Voluspa candle as a gift recently and absolutely love the smell and flickering light. There’s something about candles that’s just so calming, don’t you think?

5. In the past fews years i’ve been collecting quite a few little vintage treasures. I love this siamese kitty ring holder of my Mother’s… and I found this pretty, pink perfume bottle just last week. The atomizer still works too! I also collect old novels and silverware with mother-of-pearl handles. I think it’s nice to treasure items with so much elegant detail.

Thank you so much to Daniella for opening up her beautiful home to us.  If Dress, Design & Decor is not already on your reading list, I’m sure it will be now.  Hmmm…  now if only I could get Daniella to share her favorite things in her closet!!  Wink, wink.


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14 Responses to “Daniella Shares Her Favorite Things”

  1. I adore Daniella’s blog- so much inspiration and so eloquently written…her space is exactly as I pictured it- beautiful, serene and elegant. I am in love with the huge windows and the last collection of shots with the vintage ring holder/perfume bottle- lovely all around! xo

  2. her home is amazing. I would love to have a wall of windows and a vintage perfume bottle.

  3. yey – this is so great – Daniella is pretty fabulous, we have become quite friendly after planning the Bogger Meet up..

    good to meet you..

  4. Deanna Pai says:

    I’ve only just discovered your blog (via Daniella and this post, actually), and I have to say, I absolutely adore it. Looking forward to reading more!

  5. Caitlin says:

    What a wonderful list of favorite things. I want Daniella’s floor to ceiling windows!!

    I have to agree with Chassirty – I’d love to see Daniella’s closet :)

  6. Adore the blog and love those pendant lamps!

  7. Natalie says:

    What a gorgeous home, and beautiful details!

  8. Daniella says:

    Aw thanks girls! And thank you Chassity for having me guest post :)

  9. Gray Benko says:

    Thanks for sharing…I just clicked over to look at her blog and got absolutely lost in it!

  10. Lizinka says:

    just beautiful! that bedroom looks super clean and cozy…

  11. So clean and crisp! Really fun post :)

  12. your home is so fresh and lovely, Daniella! I love that it looks inviting, yet so clean. An instant mental break from a chaotic day, for certain. love Voluspa candles—so pretty—your collections and sweet Miley. Thanks for taking us on a tour of these spaces…


  13. So lovely! Clean and warm at the same time!! I’m totally voting for a closet post ;-)

  14. I love her place – so clean and serene. I am a huge fan of Daniella’s blog and I just found yours and I am loving it so much …

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