Date: Oct 28 2014

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So I have a new hobby. Spinning. I know that sounds so lame for a hobby, but I’m REALLY into it. It’s a way for me to get solid exercise while listening to good music and zoning out. It’s sorta like dancing on a bike a lot of the time. And the classes are dark. Not pitch black but the lights are really low, which I love. My goal is to go 4 times a week, but I probably get there more like 3 times a week because it’s hard to make my schedule work with my spin studio’s schedule. Alongside spinning I go to pilates once a week, walk/jog in my neighborhood, and go to the occasional barre class. That all makes it sound like I’m always working out, I’m not.


But since I am in workout clothes so much I sorta care about how they look and feel. I don’t need cutting edge designs or loud patterns, but I do want nice, well made pieces that I can mix and match. It’s also important to me that I’m well supported and held in. Everywhere. I’ve always had the best luck at lululemon. (Ummm, have you heard about their cult like following? Whoa.) They’re not the cheapest line out there but they’re also not nearly the most expensive. And I’ve found that all of my most favorite pieces that I have are by them. It’s funny how important feeling comfortable and secure is to get me motivated and out the door.



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Do you like lululemon? Would love to hear your thoughts. Anyone else tried spin? I know I’m late to the game on this one.


Shop lululemon’s collection here.


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  1. jillian says:

    i love lululemon!! they have the cutest workout gear. xo jillian

  2. Katharine says:

    I didn’t want to cave but played in a football game for Alzheimer’s 2 years ago and the uniform required lulu shorts. Max finally treated me to a pair of their pants and I became addicted. They don’t do the cheesy kardashian spandex shine like most black workout pants and truly fit well and wick moisture. Their tops are a little too tight for me (Unless I’m at my skinniest) so I would like to try some different tops but as far as the best black workout pants you just can’t go wrong. I don’t buy the cotton, I get the other type…can’t remember what they are called.

  3. gina says:

    LOVE! Lululemon. they truly make you feel great and the materials are always amazing. But Athleta is great as well and can sometimes be a little more affordable. And both are super cute. But I have to admit, My old navy capri black work out pants are the most flattering! Its crazy. They make pretty good quality work out clothes and you don’t mind that they are getting sweaty and dirty because they are not expensive!

  4. Chassity says:

    Oh good to know – I’ve never tried their shorts before. Their pants are totally my thing. Same with bras and tops.

  5. Chassity says:

    I’ve been on Athleta’s site numerous times but haven’t yet ordered anything, so thanks for sharing.

  6. Jana says:

    I am more of a Nike Athlete! Super addicted to their tights of the months and their crazy patterns! love to use them to bring a bit of color and happiness to my workout outfits.

    I love spinning though!!! its so good to burn everything from the sugar to the stress!



  7. My favorite running pants I own are Lululemon inspire crop. They were way exspensive, I remember thinking what am I doing?! But they’re amazing! For tops I stick to whatever is on sale, nike, addidas, etc. and even have a few target and old navy and they work just fine. And FYI I tried the tata tamer and it’s really only useful for lower impact workouts, it’s doesn’t work the best for running :)

  8. Meaghan says:

    I love me some Lulu! I think their products hold up really well with the wear and tear iof working out and washing. I’m hoping Santa helps add to my collection this year. And as for spinning, it too is my jam. If you haven’t yet, I recommend spinning shoes. They made a huge difference for me, I feel like my feet are more stabile while I’m doing jumps and sprinting. Enjoy yourself!

  9. Liz says:

    Chass – so fun to read this post! I am still wearing some of the lulu I purchased from back in 2009 – the stuff is indestructible! Love that you are spinning. I am have been spinning (post-baby) and love it too – keep it up girlie :)

  10. Chassity says:

    I’ve thought to myself that you would be such a great spin teacher! You should do it!!!

  11. Liz says:

    You are so sweet ;) I’ve given it a thought, you never know. For now I’m like you though, good music and zoning out!

  12. kate says:

    LOVE all of my lulu pieces- spin, run, barre, yoga, coffee in town- whatever! I always feel more put together and like I’m not falling out everywhere. I’ve worn everything through my third pregnancy too- and I dont feel like they are going to be totally stretched out. Still a good excuse to go refresh my wardrobe when I can get back to the gym. PRO TIP- I never put anything Lulu in the dryer, and when they get funky smelling if I forget to wash them right after a particularly sweaty workout, I soak them in warm water with a little dissolved oxyclean and then do a cold water rinse with highly diluted white vinegar. Then I wash as usual. Works every time!

  13. Claire says:

    1) Spinning. Good for you, my crotch is not a fan.
    2) Nothing lasts like Lululemon! Yes it is pricier but they’ll replace it when it breaks (if it ever does) and it never looks old if you take a little bit of care!

  14. So I work out regularly and swear, let me emphasis this, SWEAR by Lululemon, It’s truly my favorite workout gear/lounge wear. I have several pieces that I just rotate through. I am tempted to try the Fabletics line too(Kate Hudson’s), I am afraid I will be a fabric snob though, I blame Lululemon for this fact.

    It’s so important to find a workout you love, I’m glad you’ve created it a hobby, that’s the only way to consistently go!

  15. Katherine says:

    Love spinning! Where do you go? I’ve been going to the Eco in Mt P for the last year and have found a handful of favorite teachers. But, it seems like a bunch of new spin studios have popped up. I may need to try them!

  16. Chassity says:

    Hey Katherine. I go to Revolution on Meeting. Love it there – I LOVE SJ!

  17. Katherine says:

    YES that’s the place I’ve been wondering about – I think it’s the cool lights :) Thanks for the recommendation!

  18. Chassity says:

    YES this lights the lights. It just makes it more fun :) I’m doing a charity ride with them on Nov 11th. I think at 6:30 that night. Would be fun time for you to come, but will be packed (hopefully). More details coming soon.

  19. Katherine says:

    Would love that, and a charitable cause is the perfect motivator to break my routine and try a new studio. Keeping an eye out….

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