As you all know we brought the kids to Harbour Island a couple of weeks ago. It was their first time ever going there – they didn’t even know that Coral House existed! We had THE BEST family vacation and I am so excited to share so many more memories with them there. I wanted to share a few more pictures than what I’ve put up on Instagram



It was funny at the beginning because Lilly kept walking around the house saying “why do they have all of our things here?”. Their minds were pretty blown when we finally came clean and told them that the house is actually ours and we’ve been working on it for over a year. Right under their little noses!



I’ve been looking forward to showing Lilly the pink sand beaches for years. This is her at the very moment she realized that the sand is pink. I didn’t tell her about it in advance because I knew it would mean more if she discovered it on her own. She couldn’t believe her eyes – “Momma, Momma, the sand is piiiiink!!!” I acted just as surprised as she was. :)


Lilly’s stripe swimsuit is Gap



They loved walking to Cocoa Coffeehouse every morning for smoothies and muffins.



Lilly and I really got into matching our surroundings. Fletch wasn’t as big of a fan. I’m wearing this scoop back swimsuit – it has a shelf bra and I’m obsessed with it. Turkish towel wrap is by Charleston Weekender.



The pink fridge might have been Lilly’s favorite thing in the house. It’s the perfect size.


Lilly is wearing Marysia Swimsuit


And we had the best time “re-discovering” the island with them.


Lilly’s swimsuit is Minnow Swim


My sunglasses are Karen Walker


In case you can’t tell Lilly likes the camera more than Fletcher does…



Josh and I made it out one night for dinner and drinks with some island friends. I’m wearing this black mini dress.



And this picture was a self timer hence the off center focus. But it’s the only shot I have of all of us together this trip. Can’t wait togo  back with the kids soon!



Check out Coral House on VRBO here and on instagram here :)





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