Date: Jun 13 2011

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I may be en route to NYC for the Bali Style Summit, but we still have you covered here.  Because one of my most favoritey favorite girls is visiting today, Megan from Honey We’re Home.  She’s drop dead gorgeous, has a beautiful family, an amazing home, and is multi-talented.  And she’s managed  to work up a fabulous post for us.  You like closets, yes?


Hi all! I’m Megan from Honey We’re Home!  It’s a thrill for me to guest post for Chassity today as she hits up the Big Apple again!  Chassity is seriously one of the most fashionable women out there, and she makes being a mama of a little one look hip and chic!  (Not to mention how adorably she dresses her daughter!)  I have a 15 month-old son, but most days I’m in a tank top and shorts from Express!  

As an ode to Chassity and her love of all things fashion, I thought I’d share some seriously gorgeous closets with you!  You gotta put those clothes somewhere! :)  You may have come across my closet before in blog land, but before my closet was designed, I was drooling over these beauties!

via Domino.  I love how the pants are hung and color coordinated. 

Wide open space with pink cubes and a dramatic arch.

How many pair of shoes do we think Chassity has?! 

Beautiful white, simple island in this closet.  And those light fixtures! 

So light and bright1  And those closet doors! Swoon! 

via Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti, Vivre.  Fun and colorful. Great mirrored doors. 
So pretty.
Here is a shoe store, um closet.  I guess there’s another room for the clothes?!
Padma Lakshmi’s closet.  
Delicate dishes to hold your jewels.
Paris Hilton’s closet
Eva Longoria’s closet
Love how well organized her jeans are! 
And you can’t do a post about closets without including Carrie’s closet from the first SATC movie!

Thanks for having me Chassity!  Have a blast in NY!
Oh Megan, you have my heart. And because she teased you all by mentioning her closet without sharing it, here’s a peek! 
There’s an entire post on how she built and designed it (complete with the sources) on her blog, go see it here!  Thanks so much for stopping by, Megan!!  You’re the best!


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26 Responses to “Honey We’re Home Stops By”

  1. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I could look at beautiful well-designed closets all day long! I love the white closet with the white island in the center! Ahhhh….perfection!

  2. SisterBatik says:

    Absolutely jealous!! Great post though : ) I would adore a walk-in closet.

  3. Enjoy NY Chassity! Thanks for having me today!

  4. Absolutely love this closet porn. Gorgeous!

  5. Morgan says:

    All so amazing! But seriously… how many pair of jeans does something REALLY need!!

  6. Her closet is so fab! And these inspiration closets are to die for! Great post Megan! xo

  7. Very, very fond of Megan’s closet! and I love any closet gracing a chandelier!!

    Chassity, it’s time for you to reveal your closet!! I would love to see all of your gorgeous pumps too! ;)

    Hope you’re having a lovely and wonderful time in NYC!

  8. Morgan says:

    I officially have closet envy. Hubby and I have a walk-in closet and all, but there’s a problem…and I just said it: hubby AND I. I would love to have my own closet! I’m trying to talk my handy husband into making something brilliant out of ours…maybe I’ll show him this post for inspiration…better yet, I’ll just turn our guest room into a closet…who needs space for guests anyhow? :-)

  9. Such awesome closet inspirations!! I would just die to have a space like that one day!

  10. We all just love her closet!!!

  11. Lily says:

    I love nothing more than an amazing closet and Megans is stunning !! Love all the organization.


  12. Nicole says:

    You’re making me drool! How I want a closest like that one day. One day I will have one!

  13. These closets are sick! I am so Jello of Megan’s closet!

  14. le sigh — such gorgeous closets…especially megans!

  15. Simply LKJ says:

    A girl can dream…

  16. Jessie says:

    Megan, your closet is insane. At this point in my life I would be happy just to be able to have a small walk in closet.

  17. amazing closets for sure!!! Love Megan and her closet!

  18. Her closet is probably one of my favorites, not too huge, functional, and FABULOUS! This is such a fun post…hope you have a great time at the summit!!!

  19. Bud and Leo says:

    I’m so in love with this post! Love the all white hangers + color coding… :)

  20. I hope you have a great trip Chassity!
    And great images Megan, oh what I would do for a walk-in closet….

  21. Megan’s closet is swoon worthy! Just gorgeous!

  22. Your closet=perfection! I love it every time I see it. xoxox, Julia

  23. a' la mode says:

    I agree with Julia. It gets me EVERYTIME!!!! xoxo shel

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