Date: Feb 9 2015

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These days there are copious avenues in which to keep up with your favorite shops’ new arrivals. Many of us rely on social media, newsletters, and websites to keep us informed, creating a lot of noise between your friend’s latte instagram, your overflowing inbox, and the new jeans you just saw Capitol post. Not to mention it’s a quite scattered system. It’s easy for things to fall through the cracks, especially if you were just briefly checking in on your feed.


So let’s streamline our shop-able news into one easy app allowing us to scroll through our feed (that you curate yourself) whenever it’s convenient for our schedule. Bonus, you can chat with the sales associate right there in the app, comment, like photos (kinda like a wish list), and even set up a purchase. Enter House Account. It’s real pretty to look through. The photos are all iPhone and generally taken in store, so you get a real feel for the boutique’s aesthetic.


house account house account


House Account is a navigation app, so wherever you are you can see which stores are around you, making it great for travel. It’s also social friendly, so you can follow friends and other shoppers. Have a favorite blogger in LA? Look them up and see who they’re following before you travel. The ultimate shop stalk. Or just simply keep up with your own favorite shops, near and far.


You can click right here to get the app or just search “House Account” in the App Store. It’s free. It’s fabulous. Find me over there under Chassity Evans!


Thank you to House Account for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own.


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