Date: Mar 12 2012

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That’s where I spent an afternoon last week.  Not a bad place to get to hang out on a gorgeous Charleston day.

{Sally King Benedict’s studio… that’s her.}

And guess what…
Sally has generously offered up her studio for my 30th birthday party…
Can you say dream party?? 
I’m all sorts of giddy happy. That space makes me feel joyous. When I first saw her text message suggesting her studio for the party I about jumped out of bed (it was 2 am and I was up nursing Fletcher). Needless to say Josh wasn’t as thrilled when I woke him up to tell him about our party plans…

Anyway, back to last week. We spent the afternoon painting. {In case you’ve ever wondered, painting with one of your most favorite artists ever makes for one of the most awesomest of awesome days of your life.}

{My first piece of the day, I had to put it on the easel.}
{And do you spy that beach scene in the background? It’s going to be AMAZING.}
{I’m super proud of this piece above.}

So I’m going to take up painting now. I have always said that I wish I could paint. Well, I had never tried. Turns out I love it and I think I’m not so bad after all.

Thanks so much for the fun afternoon of painting, chocolate muffins, good conversation, and Charleston breezes, Sally. I, along with the rest of Charleston, sure will miss you when you pack up for Atlanta this spring. A true Charleston gem you are.

PS, did you see Sally’s studio + home feature in Matchbook Magazine’s March 2012 issue? Dy-na-mite! So was her maternity fashion.


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33 Responses to “In Sally’s Studio”

  1. I think it might be impossible to leave her studio not feeling creative and inspired! It’s gorgeous. And I love your pink and black art! I can’t even stand that I might be missing this weekend :(

  2. Yes, saw her feature in Matchbook! She is amazing and that space is incredible!

  3. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Sounds like a fabulous time!! I would love to try to paint!!

  4. Wow-looks like a perfect way to spend a day here in Charleston! Love all of her work!!!

  5. That is going to be completely amazing!

  6. thank you for the peek inside Sally’s studio. Charleston will mourn losing her I’m sure.

  7. What a dream day!!! Cannot wait to hear (and hopefully see) about your birthday party!

  8. What a great studio! This will be a wonderful place to host your 30th bday. So excited to see the pictures of your celebration!



  9. You have some very talented friends! What a Fun, relaxed, and different way to spend an afternoon, you did an amazing job!

  10. You have some very talented friends! What a Fun, relaxed, and different way to spend an afternoon, you did an amazing job!

  11. So jealous!! What a day and your paintings are fab!! Please take lots of pics at your party!!

  12. Amanda Hill says:

    What a party/event your big day will be! So excited for you!

  13. Oh how dreamy!!! So fun. And an amazing place to have a party. Very envious!!! I need to get in touch with her and get her advice on framing my piece. I am clueless! :)

  14. To spend a day with such a talent and in such an inspiring space…heaven!!! I think those two pieces of yours are fantastic and can so relate to the dream of painting- I suck at it but love it more than just about anything- it’s so good for the soul. Can’t WAIT to see that party of yours- in that space and with you as the guest of honour, pretty sure it will be fabulous!

  15. Nuha says:

    that house is incredibly gorgeous- and to have your 30th birthday there is insane! love it! oh, and your paintings are wonderful as well :-)


  16. This is my kind of day! Painting is so much fun. How incredible to have your b-day party there!!! You are one very lucky girl. xo

  17. What a fun time! Love her pieces.

  18. Lily says:

    Looks like the best day ever !!! Love what you painted !


  19. Little Fish says:

    Absolutely LOVE her work! What a fun day!

  20. How exciting… perfect for your 30th! Love your art by the way. Looks great!

  21. The perfect afternoon. Adore Sally and wow her studio is amzeballs. Looking forward to the party. and you my friend have some true talent love what you painted!

  22. Andrea says:

    I love that she’s painting on the floor (even while pregnant)! I always end up painting or drawing on the floor.
    Love to see the process! Thanks!

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh how fun!! I have just started trying my hand at painting as well and I love it! SO fun!

  24. SHERRY HART says:

    Holy Smokes….that must have been incredible!!! She is pretty dang talented…..but you did a great job!!! What fun!

  25. I love seeing the behind the scenes look into her studio – how fun! Having your party there will be amazing! Such a fan of your blog!!

  26. You look like so much fun! I adore your white home and think your paintings are very playful!

  27. What an amazing experience – and a beyond perfect place for a party! How fun!!

  28. 17 Perth says:

    Why did you leave? Haha. Seriously–I bet it was such a fun and awesome day. And girl you did good! Can’t wait until you start selling your artwork here. :) Is she moving to atlanta full time??

  29. What a day and what an offer!! I would have been doing the 2 am happy dance, too! Hope we get to see this shindig go down… oxox

  30. Wow — that studio is gorgeous…and will be the best spot for your stylish birthday! I can’t wait to see what you creat!

  31. That will be an unbelievable birthday! I would so love to paint with a pal and Sally is my favorite artist too.

  32. How amazing Chasitty! She is uber talented!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I love sallys work. I feel bad for her though cause their is this girl name Kerri rosenthal who copies her work and sells it. I mean copies!! Crazy that she gets away with it. I think a good blog would be to ask the question is that acceptable and would Sally be flattered or mad?

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