Date: Feb 2 2012

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It’s off the hook amazing people.  No surprise though.  My girl Kate Davis has long been one of my favorite jewelry designers.  I’ve been collecting her jewels for over 5 years now.  And I’d like to add some pieces from her new Tropics collection to my own little jewel collection.  You do too.  See…

Kate told me that the whole idea for the collection was to create jewelry that was totally inspired by the beach lifestyle.  You could wear it at the beach and at the end of the day… pull off your bikini, throw on a sundress, a little lip gloss, and be ready to go out.  She was dreaming of tanned skin and sun-bleached tangled hair, so the designs are pretty sexy.  I’d say.

That siren cuff (bottom left of last picture) is just out of this world perfect to me.   It might be my favorite piece, hard to say it’s all so pretty.  I asked Kate what her favorite piece is too, and like me, she had a hard time narrowing it down.
My Favorites!!!!! – well…depending on my mood…….the RIPPLE DISCS are my everyday earrings…………but the WATERFALL SHOULDER DUSTERS….are my get out of “mom mode” go to.  The WATERFALLS are actually so light you don’t even know that you are wearing them…..but trust me….everybody will notice them!!  Of the whole collection … I have been wearing non-stop the ISLA BANGLE, BALI BRACELETS,  DROPLET BANGLES….all mixed together.  The bracelets & necklaces were designed to be stacked and layered. So don’t feel shy! Again, it is all about your “fashion comfort zone”…how much or how little …is up to you!”

{the Waterfall Shoulder Dusters} 

Lucky for Kate she’s the designer and doesn’t have to choose :)  So what about you?  What’s your favorite piece from Kate’s Spring Tropic Collection??


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19 Responses to “Kate Davis Jewelry Spring Collection”

  1. They are so sexy! I’m obsessed with the waterfalls, and love that they aren’t heavy. So beautiful :-)

    Happy Thursday sweet girl!


  2. sampenner says:

    WOW! Kind of obsessed…. I really love that her idea was to model the jewelry design off the beach lifestyle. I love that and can def tell from the designs. Gorgeousness!



  3. Wow what a beautiful collection. That last pair of earrings is incredible.

  4. Viviana says:

    These pieces are absolutely amazing!!!! Thanks for introducing me to this jeweler!

  5. designchic says:

    Her jewelry is stunning and can definitely see the influence from the beach!!

  6. That last bracelet with the two light blue stones on the end is gorgeous!!

  7. Natasha says:

    her pieces are JUST gorgeous…so glad you posted this!! i am always looking for fun new jewelry

  8. Love it all! Such a beautiful collection!!!

  9. It’s all gorgeous, but I think I have to agree with you–the Siren Cuff is so good! Off to check out the rest of her collection!:)

  10. I am in LOVE with those Waterfall Shoulder Duster earrings!! ahhhh

  11. Leslie says:

    I love the cuff too, but those stacking rings are also amazingly gorgeous.

  12. Morgan says:

    Pretty! I’ll take one of each please! :)

  13. All the earrings are TDF!

  14. Oooo, ahhhh! So right about the sexy part…love those last ones…but I think I would be paranoid that I would catch them on something and rip them out of my ears…(c:

  15. This collection is just so airy, absolutely love it, especially the cuffs, love your favorite one, I think is my favorite too ;)

  16. This collection is just so airy, absolutely love it, especially the cuffs, love your favorite one, I think is my favorite too ;)

  17. so beautiful, love those delicate rings!

  18. Kim Grey says:

    Every piece is so beautiful! Very beach-worthy too. I love this collection.

  19. Shorely Chic says:

    WOW – heavily adoring all of this but I have to say that cuff is my favorite, too. The aqua gems are just glowing!

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