Date: Dec 22 2015

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I started off December in what I strongly feared a dumb way – trying out my first chemical peel (from my dermatologist). Not that I regretted trying, just that I regretted trying it in the middle of the busiest month of the year My face looked a little lot scary for close to 72 hours. But I’m happy to report it was a success – I got the peel on a Monday and by that Friday am I was back to normal!




Josh and I hosted our very first big Christmas party this past weekend and it was so much fun! We had a huge turn out and danced all night. I got my friends from Ooh Events and Polished to help with the bar set up (turned out beautiful), hired Peprolls to bring their food cart tent for late night fuel, and played all my favorites on Pandora.




Somewhere between the beginning and the end of the party the police showed up twice and two of my friends jumped on our holiday dressed swan float in the pool (and they may not like that I’m posting this picture but they shouldn’t have sent it to me).




I wore the red Kate Spade flare dress on the right and felt festive playing hostess. The next night I wore the black Kate Spade feather tunic to another Christmas party! And of course the ornament clutch.




Outtake from Lilly’s latest Lilly Likes shoot. I’m wearing my favorite sweater.




12 teeny Jane Pope Jewelry surprises wrapped and ready! Mistletoe wrapping paper, twist yarn, and fun hang tags.




Family Christmas scene… Lilly’s little stripe dress is Kate Spade.




I love our crazy colored Christmas tree but I always love simple, too.




Charleston being all Christmas cute.




The birthday boy at brunch at Indaco. Best chorizo dish in town.




Love this troll picture from our underwater photoshoot with Leigh Webber this past summer. Frame bridge framed because they’re my favorite.




Our front porch swing bed all dressed up for the holidays.




Dressed up fiddle leaf fig, too.




Neighborhood walks with the prettiest views.




Saw Santa hanging out downtown.




And our front door with a simple boxwood wreath and striped ribbon (rug here).




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  1. Kristy says:

    Did u make that swing or buy it? I love it

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