Date: May 30 2017

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This little guy graduated from preschool! He’s so excited for kindergarten in the fall. I’m so proud of him :)




And I joined Lilly on her strawberry picking field trip at Boone Hall. We collected two baskets so I made a cake with them!





Loving the weather now and pretty much always getting to throw on a dress. This stripe one is so much fun.




Mother’s Day photo. This was before brunch and I had the best day with my family :) I got to sleep in, got the sweetest gifts made by these two, and even got a nap!


FullSizeRender 80


Lilly and I have started reading my old Babysitter’s Club books. I have the entire collection and saved them all. I’m so excited to be reliving it with Lil!




Sweet afternoons with these two. We just finally got our swurfer hung in our tree in our front yard, so between that and this porch swing we are out front a lot now. Loving this stripe throwbed, it’s one of my most favorite things.




I love this poplin mini dress so much that I bought it in both colors :) Also wearing these earrings, similar bag, and these sandals.




And a few pictures from my trip to Harbour Island last week. It was all about getting Coral House looking good and photographed (still waiting on Gray to edit those photos). Wearing this stripe tee in the photo below.




It was so rewarding to see all of the art I’ve been collecting all together in the house!




It was a lot of (fun) work.



IMG_8632 2


This doorbell


IMG_8535 2

FullSizeRender 83


This housewarming gift from my island friend Amy. I love our logo on it!!




Some exploring before we flew out. I’m wearing this lace up swimsuit and this sarong/scarf.


IMG_8254 2



And a peek at what I brought with me!


FullSizeRender 79


(star dress, stripe tank, floral maxi, green dress, blue sarong, pink swimsuit)



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  1. […] Chassity’s home in Harbour Island is to die for. […]

  2. Meaghan says:

    I love Harbour Island and have been meaning to get back, this might be some motivation! Also, what size is the Madewell tee you wore?? Thanks and awesome job so far!

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