Date: Dec 15 2010

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I would cave into the whole bar cart trend for this wool canteen.   It’s that gorgeous.  Good news is, I don’t have to.  It would be just as lovely atop a tray too.  Or thrown over a chic hook.  Or…

Okay, so I do actually like that bar cart.  And in case you’re wondering, no I’ve never used a canteen in my life.  And I don’t see myself ever actually using this one either… it would just be there to admire.


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9 Responses to “Of Course You Don’t NEED A Canteen”

  1. Morgan says:

    A bar cart is my next DIY! I have the vision in my head… just need to find the perfect piece to makeover. :)

  2. I want a bar cart but have absolutely nowhere to put one- story of my life. The canteen is adorbs…could maybe find a spot for it:)

  3. Love that canteen…but it would be decor in my house too, not an item of necessity in the wilderness!

  4. We have a bar cart that I love and we have a few things on there that we don’t *need*. That canteen is beautiful…you never know when you just might need that! Maybe Santa reads your blog! :)

  5. Simply LKJ says:

    Love the bar cart. The canteen is caute!

  6. I am a big fan of the bar cart. There is one in my fantasy swanky New York apartment. And I always take my wool canteen camping . . . why don’t you people???

  7. {av} says:

    the canteen just made me remember an embarrassing moment in my childhood…when my mother dragged me to civil war reenactments {which I secretly loved}. thanks for that funny memory ;) xoxo {av}

  8. How fun! I love that canteen. We had once we used to play with as a toy growing up – they’re so fun!

  9. Aubrey says:

    hehehe…a canteen…that definitely would be a new one! (c: And I agree with Courtney, it actually *is* useful! Love it.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and for your sweet comments!

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