Date: Jul 30 2011

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I have so much to share this Saturday.  Let’s jump to it!

Yesterday was our brand new Trader Joe’s grand opening (just 5 minutes from my house).  I’ve never lived near a Trader Joe’s so I’m pumped.  Lilly and I (being the avid shoppers that we are) of course had to go and check it out on opening day.  It was PACKED.  The lines were so crazy that I didn’t even bother purchasing anything, but founds a lot of fun things for next time.  Do you have favorite Trader Joe’s products?  I’ve heard their pizza dough is fabulous.  I snapped this picture as we were walking in. 

I had coffee with Julia of Pawley’s Island Posh blog yesterday too.  We’ve been blog buddies for almost a year and this was our first time to meet.  To say that I adore her even more now is a major understatement.  We didn’t snap a picture but I snagged this one from her blog.  Isn’t she and her little girl adorable?! 

Glitter Guide just posted this lipstick personality chart to their facebook page.  I tend to keep my lipstick close to the original shape which apparently means that I’m quite reserved- so it definitely didn’t get it right.  Is it right for you?
Did you see my girl Sally Benedict in the August/September issue of Garden & Gun?  So beautiful. I snapped a quick photo with my phone.
About a week ago I discovered that I had forgotten my hair straightener at the hotel in San Diego!  Since it had been a week since we had checked out I didn’t figure I would have much luck getting it back, but when I called the Grand Del Mar they did indeed have it!  Yay!  I just got it in the mail, which really only reminded me of our vacation.  Did I tell you how wonderful the Grand Del Mar was?  It was beautiful and the service was absolutely amazing.  And for being such a nice resort, they were SO great with kids too!  Did I tell you that every night they left chocolate covered oreos during turndown service?  Heaven.  I sure do miss it.  Here’s a picture of us at the zoo.

And now for the Stella & Dot winners!  Congratulations to Julie of Julip Made (15) and Megan of Fried Green Pickles (165).  You each win a $75 gift card to Stella & Dot.  Email Annette at Can’t wait to see what you pick.


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  1. So jealous that you guys got a TJ!!! There’s one in Greenville, now in Charleston but not in the Capital City?!?! Bummer! We are getting a Whole Foods(finally!) but still not convenient to where I am ;(.

  2. I have oodles to comment on since I’m catching up with a whole week of LLL!!!!

    LOVE your photo shoot, you are gorgeous and def a pro! Love your hair with the curls too!

    We dont’ have a Trader Joes (how can there not be on in Dallas?!?!), but rumor is one is on the way. My friend brings me cornbread mix when she visits, it rocks!

  3. 17 Perth says:

    Girl, I love some trader joes…..we used to live near one and got hooked on their coffee!! It is so so good…and if we are near one, we stop in and pick up their coffee and of course a few bottles of their $2 wine!

    We just got our garden and gun mag–and she is beautiful. : )

  4. claudia b says:

    TJ’s is awesome, we love their garlic herb pizza dough, their garlic naan (2 minutes in the toaster with some butter on top), biryana rice pilaf, orange chicken, teriyaki bbq chicken, french vanilla ice cream, french pink lemonade, madeleines, parbaked dinner rolls, omg, I could go on and on!

  5. I live only 3 minutes from Trader Joes and I’m there more often than I should admit. I was just thinking a few weeks ago about doing a post on my favorite things they have, but didn’t get around to it. I may have to get one in the works! Just about everything they have is so good.

  6. Lily says:

    I live about 3 minutes from a trader joes as well and go ALL the time…they have pretty much all my grocery needs ! And love the photo of Sally…and love her work!


  7. I went to the trader joes opening and snagged a few things before it got too crazy. My favorite being my new discovery of reduced fat cilantro dressing. It’s in the refrigerator section and it’s a-ma-zing! The sparkling water and carmel sauce are also a favorites of mine.

  8. travelkate says:

    So lucky with the Trader Joe’s! I’m missing not having one here in Dallas-but there are rumors of one opening later this year!

    Some of my favorites include: the pre-made bruschetta mix-so easy to make bruschetta with french bread and tastes great! And the Chicken Tikka Masala, along with their lavender bath sea salt scrub! And of course the wine, but I know you can’t be indulging in wine right now :)

  9. megan says:

    Yay! I will let you know what I choose if we all get together for a Charleston meet up! Thank you!!

  10. Melissa says:

    Just found your blog-yeah! Love it!
    melissa from S.C.

  11. caycee says:

    Can’t wait to check out the new Trader Joes, Isn’t Julia the sweetest, ant the lipstick was off on me too! PS Love that picture of the three of you!! PPS Carson says he needs to meet Lilly real soon ;)

  12. Julip Made says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome give away Chassity! So excited to pick something out! Btw Trader Joes is my absolute favorite and I’m lucky enough to have one right near my work. So many goodies… the kalamata olive hummus, the chili garlic covered edamame, the mac n cheese balls just to name a few. Have fun shopping!

  13. Ann says:

    Oh I enjoyed reading every bit of this post…

    About that lipstick/personality…really interesting.

  14. Simply LKJ says:

    We have a Trader Joes 5 minutes from us too! And, we LOVE it. Their prices on fresh flowers are awesome. We love their CHEAP wine. Kate loves their Mac-n-Cheese (frozen section), like homemade not that awful boxed stuff. Love their Jasmine rice (frozen in packets, cooks in microwave in 3-4 minutes). And, believe it or not, their frozen scallops wrapped in bacon are awesome…easy appetizer. Okay, I could go on and on!

  15. emily says:

    I’m super jealous about the TJs. When we go to the West Coast, we bring an extra suitcase to fill up our pantry! :) And the lipstick thing was totally right on!

  16. Love me some TJ’s.. Here are a few of my faves: pomegranite arils, chipwiches, feta and carmelized onion filo cups, balsamic vinaigrette, veggie burritos, and of course ORCHIDS!

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