Date: Jul 28 2011

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The last few days Charleston has been hit with some much needed rain.  Which of course got me thinking that I need a new pair of rainboots.  I have a cute casual pair that I’ve had for about 4 years but I would really like a slightly dressier pair too.  Right now these are all catching my eye.

I’m really drawn to J.Crew’s Weatherby rainboot too.  Though I’d probably want them in black.
Have you seen any other great pairs out there lately?

And on a random note, last night Josh surprised me with an evening at the spa.  So sweet!  Unfortunately my massage was literally SO bad that I had to ask him to stop and I just left in the middle of it (it wasn’t going to be a quick fix like the “lighten the pressure” or anything).  Has this ever happened to anyone?  I’m not going to share the location b/c I really like the spa and they did handle the situation so well.  I guess sometimes you just don’t mesh!


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23 Responses to “Rainboots”

  1. Those little short boots are adorable- i want!!

  2. Jin says:

    rain boots are a must in charleston, sc….. BTW I love your blog ;)

  3. yes! u know the ones i have and then Loaffler Randal make a sleep looking pair I love…one long and one short

  4. I have Hunter boots in black and love them! The J Crew ones are also super cute.

  5. I love the short ones, so easy to throw on! And so disappointing with the spa :(

  6. Amanda Hill says:

    I am coveting the ones Marysia had in NY…think I am going to buy those. I can’t stop thinking about them :)

  7. I heart these (on sale!)

    I love rain boots but almost never wear them. I guess I need to do more traipsing around in the rain!

  8. Michaela says:

    So cute! I want a solid color of the Hunter ones for school. I can use has many as possible up there!

  9. Lily says:

    Love the pair from j crew with the zippers !! I would want them in black as well !


  10. Lexa ♥ says:

    I have a pair of the Hunter rainboots in green and they are the most comfortable rainboots ever! And they go with so many things!

  11. Jessamie says:

    Love the jcrew boots in black! And that actually happened to me in Charleston one year on Valentine’s day…

  12. 17 Perth says:

    I love my black huntington wellies!! They are so comfortable!

    And, you massage—I am so sorry!!

  13. I love an excuse to break out my rainboots! I feel so invisible!

    I can’t believe your massage… it must have been baaaaad.

  14. Boo, what a bummer! Nothing worse than thinking you are going to be relaxing and getting more stress instead!!! But yes, yes, and yes to the fabulous wellies, I’m all for the silver ones (c:

  15. Those metallic Hunter’s just made my birthday list! So chic!

  16. Natalie says:

    Dying over the metallic hunter boots, LOVE! That sucks about the spa. I have def had massages before that kind of hurt. Hopefully the rest of the visit went well.

  17. Great picks! Right now, I’m coveting the Burberry rain boot with a mid buckle. A little motorcycle chic!

  18. My favorite ones: J.Crew and Hunter. And even though those metallic hunters look gorgeous I lean towards black ;)

  19. My favorite ones: J.Crew and Hunter. And even though those metallic hunters look gorgeous I lean towards black ;)

  20. My favorite ones: J.Crew and Hunter. And even though those metallic hunters look gorgeous I lean towards black ;)

  21. Emily L. says:

    I’m from Portland, OR where, as you probably know, it rains eight months out of the year so Hunters are pretty much a staple around here! I love mine in Robin’s Egg Blue but wish I also had a good neutral. Love your blog and congrats on the pregnancy Chassity!

  22. Bud and Leo says:

    I might need some of these for my trip to Europe!

  23. Morgan says:

    Love the silver Hunter boots! And as for your massage, has definitely happened to me but I suffered through it because I was too nervouse to stop her. I was in pain for literally a week after. I have one today so here’s to hoping it goes better! :)

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