Date: Aug 11 2014

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Good Monday morning. Here’s another random Life Lately post…


I’ve moved one of my ladders to our mudroom entry and it now showcases some of my favorite throws.




Oysters and fried yumminess with girlfriends at Leons.




This guy. This shirt.




My friend Mandy sent over the cutest summer surprise from her fun shop, Waiting on Martha. Josh and I have been playing the roll up backgammon game (the other side is checkers) a lot.




Loving this piece by my new friend and Charleston artist, Raven Roxanne. I snapped this when I visited Redux last week.




Black and white pumps. I nearly bought them a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I went back for them. So excited about these. I feel like they’ll be a pair that will be cool in 20 years, too. A great shape with other color options, too.




Flowers for a friend.




Lilly’s ridiculously cute bathroom vanity that I’ll probably always be envious of. When we remodeled our house a couple of years ago I had it in my head that this was what I wanted for Lil. It didn’t exist, so we found a metal vanity base, had our painters lacquer it this pink, and then had a marble top made for it.




We had a Folly day with our friends Adam & Anna while they stayed out there last week. Was fun to visit that side of Charleston that I rarely get over to.


IMG_2210 IMG_2225


Really loving the Goldbug Line at Croghan’s downtown. Designed by Charleston’s (and Croghan’s own) Mariana Hay.




Lounging in these pants with this Biscuit bedding.




Pretty Charleston walk with my friend Olivia.




On Thursday Josh and I headed to Hilton Head. He had a work conference and I tagged along. We ended up cutting the trip short and came home Friday night, but it was a nice little getaway.




Some of my beach things, this basket, this bikini, these sunglasses, and some sunscreen.




On our drive home we stopped in at the Carolina Cider Co. I always stop when I’m on 17, it’s the cutest.




And so we had pie for breakfast this weekend…




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6 Responses to “‘Round Here”

  1. Lindsay Shary says:

    love these posts:) and seriously love your house — would love a home tour of your casa someday! I love ve all of the little peaks you give us in your pics… your style is very similar to mine – clean / white / not cluttered :) and i’d love to see more pics to help give me ideas!

  2. I want to trade bathrooms with Lilly too! In love!

  3. What pretty little snippets! I love your Biscuit bedding and Lilly’s vanity is to die for! I would never leave the bathroom if I were her! Happy Monday love!

  4. I love all of these pics – such a pretty post. Looks like life lately is just lovely! I die for Lilly’s bathroom sink too…I always want to paint everything pink…or yellow…

  5. Dying over Lily’s bathroom! I want to move in!

  6. I love posts like this, getting a peak into the someone else’s life, what a great time! I make a lot of trips to Hilton Head, I’ll definitely have to try that Carolina Cider Co. next time. Love love love the pink bathroom vanity!!

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