Date: Dec 29 2010

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I was hesitant to share more of my Christmas gifts here for fear of coming off wrong.  But, I’m so enjoying other bloggers’ new goodies they’re sharing that I figure why not?!  Afterall, this blog is based mostly on shopping and style ;)

So here are a few of my gifts that I received for Christmas.  Some you’ve seen here on the blog before…

A little orange box from my Dad to start off things right… yay!! 

You all remember these lucite trays.  This one found a home on my bathroom vanity thanks to my brother and sister in law (she definitely reads my blog!).  And if you look closely at the left compartment you’ll see my new Kate Davis earrings that Josh surprised me with.  He even went through the trouble of reading my response emails to my blog comments to figure out which pair was my favorite.  Now that’s Love :)

I had been eyeing this sparkly J.Crew bag since February.  No joke.  I don’t even know when Josh bought this b/c it isn’t even on their website anymore.  He is sneaky!!  I’ll try to come up with a “How I Wore It” post featuring it.

A new Barefoot Contessa cookbook courtesy of my in-laws.  I predict another cooking post in my future!

A new Gucci carry-on roller duffel from my Dad.  This beauty is actually on backorder so it’s not yet in my hands.  Can’t wait!

And I knew this Seesaw Letterpress Calendar looked beautiful online, but it’s even more gorgeous in person!!  Thanks Mom!
I also received this J.Crew Wool Blazecoat, but sadly it is a little large and is no longer on their website.  I’m hoping they can track down another one for me.
Okay, I’ll throw in one more holiday prize I received.  The book that was on most every fashionista’s wishlist… Fifi Lapin.
I know, I was spoiled this year.  I guess Santa knew I was a good girl :)


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34 Responses to “Some More Christmas Prizes”

  1. Holy shazam…you are a lucky girl- I LOVE every single thing you got!!! Hello Hermes bracelet and Gucci carry on- wowzers! Your hubby was so sweet to track down the earrings you loved and I adore that sequined clutch- so so pretty. I got that book too and am loving it – it’s adorble. Good luck with the coat return and congrats on a fabulously chic Christmas!! xo

  2. mydesignchic says:

    What a great Christmas. The Gucci duffle…FABULOUS!!

  3. Lovin That! says:

    Beautiful items!! I love the JCrew purse!

  4. Morgan says:

    Spoiled is right! WOW! You definitely had an amazing Christmas!

  5. Wowza! You did well! That J Crew purse IS amazing! That calendar looks lovely too!

  6. Nikki says:

    Wow you had an AMAZING Christmas!! I have been lusting after one of those bracelets for… forever!! You must have been a very good girl this year!!

  7. Holy smokes! :) Such amazing gifts.. you deserve each and every wonderful one, xoxo

  8. Lili says:

    ok, your dad ROCKS! seriously? gucci and hermes!

    and how sweet your hubby is….! lucky girl!


  9. Lindsay says:

    your dad totally rocks…as does your hubby! Enjoy- you deserve it!

  10. Holy Moly! You did good my friend!

  11. Hermes & Gucci?? Your dad has incredible taste (or you’ve taught him well – :) Thanks for sharing your fabulous loot with us!

  12. Sarah says:

    Every good girl deserves a little hermes and gucci, no? I adore your new jcrew bag and that book looks fun too. I’ll have to check it out.. Oh and your hubs is beyond thoughtful, you are one lucky lady.

  13. Aubrey says:

    Those are some seriously awesome gifts, but even more awesome gift-givers!!! They were so thoughtful and diligent! (c: I love it when things work out like that…

  14. Amanda says:

    Spoiled??? Naw you deserve all of it! Great choices, I do love the purse! Cute Hubby too…I love hearing about good ones :)

  15. Nuha Sofiyan says:

    You’ve got the Santa hook up haha!! How sweet of your husband to go through the trouble of the earrings and purse, I think you chose WELL! ha!

  16. You WERE a good girl!! I say it was well-deserved … and you have very thoughtful family and friends!

  17. Is your dad single! ;) Just kidding, but his taste is exceptional. Lucky girl!

  18. HEllo :) me again! no biggie…just stated your xmas gifts were fab of course! And was looking for a little Hermes braclet inspiration. I have the one in black and silver but sometimes feel like its too plain when I wear it alone…will you pair yours with some other bangles or mostly wear it alone you think?

  19. I’ll probably wear it alone some, but will mostly pair it with my watch or other bangles :) You’re a lucky girl too!!

  20. Val says:

    I love it!!! You were on the good list!!! Great treasures.

  21. Amanda says:

    So I am going to a NYE party uptown and its outside….the weather will be cold cold! What should I wear that’s totally chic???

  22. Outside in Utah??! I’d go for full on warmth so that I could enjoy myself. Wear your beautiful fur, some hot stilleto boots, cute accessories. I know BR had some cute velvet skinny pants that would be festive and warm.

  23. Leah says:

    Wow you have been a VERY good girl! That Hermes bracelet is so amazing! And I LOVE that lucite tray, I totally want one now!


  24. Simply LKJ says:

    Wow! I am loving that bangle!! Hope you find the coat too, it is to die for. Such a great neutral!

  25. caycee says:

    Chassity loving all your loot girly! Think your dad needs another daughter next Christmas ;)

  26. Christine says:

    ummmmm, amazing?!?!?!

    i’ll take that hermes bracelet :)


  27. Does your Dad need another daughter? That is quite a list! LOVEEEEEE your sparkly purse! I am very jealous of your gifts, but I am glad such a deserving person got them!



  28. escapade says:

    Wow – looks like you did very well! ;)

    Happy, happy Christmas + wishing you a wonderful 2011!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Are we gonna get robbed?

    The cute and thoughtful hubby

  30. such great gifts!! you are one lucky girl!

  31. Fabulous gifts! I got Ina’s new book too (ahem- I don’t think I could handle any of her other recipes unless it was her “easy” version!!).

  32. Sara Mueller says:

    Wow you did good! I just ordered the Fifi Lapin book since Santa didn’t bring it I am giving myself a new Year’s treat.

  33. fabulous! the tray is looking darling and so at home on your vanity. :)

    p.s. that jcrew purse is killer. can’t wait for more photos!

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