Date: Jan 15 2014

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I didn’t want to bring it up, and frankly hoped it would go away, but it shouldn’t go unaddressed because we just GOTTA talk about it … This March the Bravo network is debuting a new reality show that is being filmed here in Charleston, SC called Southern Charm.




I’ve seen the trailer and it looks scandalous, scandalous, and more scandalous. I’m all for reality tv. But pretty much 99% of Charleston (myself included) hope that y’all will make smart enough assumptions to realize that this show doesn’t even remotely represent Charleston. Like, at all.


Now, that I’ve gotten that out there let’s hope it’s an interesting show. Read more about it here. What do y’all think??


Top image via Post & Courier. Bottom from Bravo.


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14 Responses to “Southern Charm”

  1. Oh Please NO! I am guilty of the reality t.v. binge from time to time, but please not Charleston! Charleston is my happy place! I guess this is the price of becoming one of the hottest spots in the country. I really hope that people see this incredible town for what it is and not judge by this particular representation.

  2. ashleyyeteva says:

    Having been born and raised in Charleston, this breaks my heart. I really hope this series doesn’t run long and viewers will not think this is at all what the charming city, that has been nominated for and have won numerous awards and titles for being charming and southern and great, is like.

  3. Karena says:

    It sounds like a winner. I do hope to visit Charleston one day soon!

    Kansas City Culture

  4. Erika says:

    Oh wow. It does sound scandalous….and I am with you. I love reality tv…but I can totally relate! I am from Atlanta! Let’s just say…even though I do like watching the RHW of Atlanta….it does not represent what I know! hahaha.

  5. Jaye says:

    So glad someone else has brought this up. I live and work downtown and already people are shaking their heads. Emails are being sent and everyone seems to be on the same page in their feelings about this. I love reality TV, but not when it is in your own backyard!

  6. Shelby says:

    I can’t even. I just can’t. This is awful. And I really don’t care to see Thomas Ravenel awaiting the results of a paternity test. Or see Cameron Eubanks stretch out 15 minutes of fame into 30. Funny, she’s from Anderson, SC.

  7. Shelby says:

    I can’t even. I just can’t. This is awful. And I really don’t care to see Thomas Ravenel awaiting the results of a paternity test. Or see Cameron Eubanks stretch out 15 minutes of fame into 30. Funny, she’s on this since she is from Anderson, SC.

  8. Sarah S. says:

    I am SHOCKED that a Ravenel would do it. Scandal. I bet it goes about the same as all the reality shows here in Atlanta – everyone knows that it’s the new money trash that participates.

  9. Deirdre says:

    These guys (in the trailer) seem a bit over-the-hill all looking like they partied a too hard and are past their prime. I would say “manufactured drama” more than real scandal. Plus, all the “parties” they are at in the trailer seem empty, aside from the stars of the show… probably because real Charleston people were too embarrassed to be filmed! Gross and will not be watching – lol!

  10. Hmmm I didn’t know about this….I will have to watch and see what happens! Sounds scandalous!

  11. E says:

    i definitely will be watching it! i do not think the show will make Charleston the city look bad, just the over age males with definite PPS {Peter Pan Syndrome} making complete fools out of themselves.

    i am a friend of Cameron and must say she will add some pop to the show…in a good way! i think she is suppose to be the voice of “reason”.

    lets face it…reality shows are suppose to be fun! take it for what it is…entertainment.

  12. Amber says:

    Ugh…I’m with you. I can’t even talk about Below Deck which is reality tv version about what I do for a living. Now my former home and favorite southern city. It was bound to happen since it is just the most incredible place!

  13. Liz says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m from Charleston and this is disgusting. Cameron needs to get off the reality train first and foremost. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that most of these are transplants wanting to act like they are Charlestonians…unfortunately we all know the Ravenels. Ugh! Gross….

  14. Kristin says:

    TOTALLY GET IT! As NJ residents we got/get that all the time with Jersey Shore.

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