Date: May 29 2012

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Hi Everyone! I feel like I’ve been away from my blog for ages. I had a bunch of posts pre-written and ready to go last week while I was away, and then I took full advantage of enjoying the holiday weekend. But I’m pumped to be back :)

So I want to share details from Blogfest in NYC last week. SUCH a great time. I mean, what’s not to love about getting away for a girly trip with friends who understand your love of blogging, pretty interiors, and fashion :) Here are two of my ultimate favorites (+ a special addition, Margaret Russell, holy shitzballs).

{Amanda, Me, Christine, and Margaret}

Alright, I had to start out big :) Margaret’s super cool. But so are all of my bloggy friends. They all mean so damn much to me and are super duper cool. I’ll say it again, bloggers are cool in real life too! We all had such a fun time last week!
* Managed to squeeze in lots of time with my good friend Marysia
* Bloggers love colored skinny jeans (yes they were everywhere)
* Bloggers still love peonies
* Amanda, Alex, Me, and Roxy
Did I mention that it rained a lot last week? Good thing I brought my Loeffler Randall rain booties!

* Amanda, Me, and Sue
*Laura brought along her watercolor prints and I got to pick one!
* House Beautiful’s new “Print to Pin” function. So cool.
* Meg, Me, and Erika (love these two!)
* Me, Naomi, and Alex (2 girls that are my people for sure)
* Loving my moroccan glass at the New Traditionalist Party
* One of the incredible displays at the New Traditionalist Showroom
* Hanging with Mr. Call. He’s totally awesome.
And then it rained some more…
As far as Blogfest goes, for me it’s pretty much a good excuse to go have fun and network. I enjoyed a lot of parts of the actual Blogfest event, but some of it was just too much and way too crowded. Like, you could barely move in some of the show homes that we toured. But all in all Blogfest was a great event and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to attend. Kravet did a superb job of hosting. And it was full of amazing people. Amazing people that I cannot even believe I don’t have a picture of to share here on the blog (you know who you are!) Oh, and I roomed with my friend Amanda again. She’s the bomb, love her.
I’ll have a few more NYC trip related posts this week from some other fun things I did {the Drybar party and a little trip up to Lucky Magazine’s office.} I also ate way too much, shopped, and just flat out enjoyed myself. That is until it was time to go home. Basically a travel nightmare – canceled flight, sleeping in an airport (yes that actually ended up happening!)… But on the plus side, while hanging in the airport I did have the joy of witnessing two young girls get surprised by their parents with a trip to Disney World. I cried a little, I won’t lie, it was too sweet. Life is good.

Note: This post was edited on May 30th. It’s been brought to my attention that some of the opinions I opened up about and shared could be taken as hurtful, and that is really the last thing I want to do on here.


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31 Responses to “Blogfest 2012 Recap”

  1. Been missing your pretty face! Love that I got to see your bloggy pictures on instagram as it happened! Looks like a fabulous trip and of course I love your colored jeans:)

  2. YES! You were so MISSED!!! I’m glad you had such a great time! I can’t wait to hear all the pretty little details! xoxox

  3. caycee says:

    Yay!! So glad you had a great time!! Can not wait to hear all about it!!! You look stunning in all of the pictures too ;)

  4. Kim Aull says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Lots of fun pics!!!

  5. Love this recap! You took all the pictures I wish I had taken. And that picture of our colored jeans? WTF happened to my eyes?

  6. 17 Perth says:

    I am glad you had such a great time! Love the colored jeans. :) And that is too funny about the “interrogation”….why do people do that? Haha. I do the same thing—head down and always think–I am so embarrassed. Haha.

    Side note: That tufted headboard is beautiful.

  7. Morgan says:

    Looks like a blast! Rain and all!

  8. Loved this…but not as much as I adore you…so great to spend some time together lovely!! xo

  9. So fun to see the recap. And can totally picture you with your head down during the HB interrogation! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I was also cringing! Loved seeing you – wish we would have had more time to catch up! xo!

  11. Looks like a fabulous fabulous event!! I’ve never been to NY, but I’m dying to go!! Hope you’re having a lovely week Chassity!! xo

  12. So sad I missed it this year! Looks like a great time :)

  13. Simply LKJ says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time despite the rain and the “interrogation”. And, how cute are you??

  14. Olivia D. says:

    Loved reading your recap! (omg, that Disney surprise, the sweetest, sleeping in an airport, not so much!) Too funny about those cringey moments, but I kinda secretly smile from a far when they happen:) Next year though, I might have to actually send “chewie” But I would still come into the city to hang with you (off hours) again!

  15. The Zhush says:

    whoops, busted using my daughter’s lap top, Olivia D is me!

  16. Lily says:

    So many cute pictures !! Looks like an amazing time !


  17. Laura Trevey says:

    Love this re-cap. You are so so sweet and I am so glad to have finally met you in “real life” !!!

    Keep in touch :)

  18. bah humbug.

    not really. well, kinda. okay, i was totally jealous seeing all these instagram pictures over the weekend!! alex, sue, christine …ugh… just not fair! :)

    however, even though im totally sulking right now- i love that all the people i think are so cool can get together and vouch that the other bloggers are, in fact, normal & fun. :) xo

  19. Hannah says:

    That looks like way too much fun. I hope one day I’m a “sophisticated” blogger with lots of blog friends and I can go to Blogfest or something similar. And way to go on the positivity! The whole trip home sounds like such a bummer but you made it into a positive! Not easy to do. xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  20. So completely amazing! I would be completely over the moon meeting up with all my blogging besties…it looks like you got to meet up with some of the *COOLEST* in the biz (c: I’m pretty sure you, Christine, and Amanda are at the tippy-top of my list of “awesome bloggers I need to meet”…so now that I sound like a super stalker, I’ll just close with that looks like the best trip *EVER* (c:

  21. yay — I love seeing all these great pics…and especially of you!!! not going to lie…I need the deets on the surprise disney trip?!?! that sounds amazing!

  22. Becky says:

    Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  23. Ah what an amazing trip! Can you be more gorgeous?

  24. Ah what an amazing trip! Can you be more gorgeous?

  25. Such a fun recap! I didn’t attend the entire event just one cocktail party but was hoping to run into you! Next time!

  26. Loving your recap and all the fun pictures! I can’t believe an attendee interrogated HB in front of everyone- I would have had my head down too! ;)

  27. aww man – makes a girl so envious. looks like a great time. i love the yeller pants :)

  28. The Now says:

    AGH I so wish I could have gone to meet you all!! Looks like you had a blast! Love all the pics! xoxo Elizabeth

  29. Sarah says:

    I guess I remember the interrogation differently, it didn’t seem that way at the time. She just seemed genuinely curious. Anyway, so glad I’m not the person who asked the question. I’d definitely be embarrassed now at getting called out on it here.

  30. Stacy Naquin says:

    Maybe one day I’ll get to chat more than just “hello”, “goodbye” :(

  31. It was so wonderful to meet you! You are as lovely in person as I could have imagined.

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