Date: Sep 27 2012

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I started Look Linger Love for a few reasons. A creative outlet? Sure. A place to store all the sweet stuff that I love? Definitely. But mainly, I started Look Linger Love to celebrate awesome people and what those awesome people are doing. I get such joy by helping out someone and connecting people. Yes, generally these people are women. I guess you could say I’m girly by nature.

I’ve been feeling a little bogged down here on my blog for the past several months. Not everyday, but enough days. With the number of lifestyle blogs growing, and pinterest and instagram, it’s hard to share something new and inspiring daily. And I guess I just don’t think it’s okay for Look Linger Love to just be another blog regurgitating the same stuff that we’ve seen time and time before. I’ve come too far at this point.

So. What to do? For one, I’m no longer holding myself to a daily blog post standard. If I’m not feeling like I have anything really great worth sharing, well then you likely won’t hear from me that day. Also, I’ve set time aside each week where I’m getting out of my house and beating the streets, shops, you name it, to bring you some good stuff. (Don’t worry, this will not turn into just a Charleston blog!!) There is so much greatness in this city though, and some seriously cool women doing cool things that are relevant to people anywhere and everywhere. I’m so excited to start this.

I’m also looking to finally re-design my site. It needs an overhaul. A really good one. It’s pricey though. And I just have to figure all that out.

Bottom line, I’m tired of scowling at the computer and groaning. I’m bringing it back to this feeling.

It’s good to shake things up a bit. Thanks for reading.

Photo by Charlotte Elizabeth.


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27 Responses to “Focus & Celebrate”

  1. Good for you! I love reading your blog and feel similar in regards to all the instagram, twitter, pinterest similarities floating around. I haven’t been on pinterest in awhile (crazy, I know), but its too much. I work full time, so when I blog, I want it to be about what I love and really want to share (not a chore). I look forward to reading all your posts and doesn’t matter to me if they are a few times/week vs daily posts!
    p.s. I’ll be in Charleston with my fiance in a month or so interviewing for a job. Excited!
    p.p.s Sorry for novel.

  2. KB says:

    There are many days that I feel the same way. I’d rather have original content than the sharing the same thing everyone else has on their Pinterest boards. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  3. I agree… with all of the available platforms, like Pinterest, etc. it’s hard for bloggers to stay one-of-a-kind. But, you are an amazing blogger and you post the most unique things! Sometimes, removing the pressure to post everyday is just the ticket. Looking forward to the future of LLL! :)

  4. I can absolutely relate and did a lot of thinking about my own blog while at the beach last week. There is a LOT of information out there but remember there is only ONE you! I really enjoy blogging (and I think you do too) so I try to remind myself of that when I get stuck in a rut. Good luck and I’m sure there are only good things to come for LLL.

  5. This blog is one of my very favorites!! Can not wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Cant wait to see where things go! I love this freedom that you are giving yourself, you always deliver the good stuff and are an inspiration!

  7. I was wondering when the overhaul was coming, I had a feeling about it from you my dear. And good for you about being honest that it’s hard to feel inspired and provide fresh content daily. Especially when it’s not your j-o-b. love you!

  8. Amen sister, can’t wait to see where you take LLL in the coming months!

  9. Morgan S. says:

    Good for you, Chassity :) Can’t wait to see the overhaul! xoxo

  10. So excited to see what is to come!

  11. Amanda Hill says:

    I totally understand! and feel ya! Go get em’ can’t wait to see what you do…and ps can’t wait to see you at Alt. Yay January!

  12. Oh thank *HEAVENS* I’m not the only one that feels stumped lately! I swear, it seems like everything is just beating a dead horse…but that being said, you are always *always* fun and different and you bring so many things to the blogosphere that no one else brings. Namely, no one else is Chassity and you are AWESOME. I just adore you and your blog and I’m glad that you are revamping, it’s gonna be a blast!!! Smooches and blog hugs (c:

  13. Loved dinner with ya last night and loved talking about the restorative power of helping people out and shining a light on them. It really is the best part of having any kind of platform. And you have helped so many people!! Never would have met a lot of folks here if it wasn’t for you, miss Calder Clark included! :)

  14. I hear ya, it is so hard to keep things new and exciting! I always enjoy what you have to say and look forward to seeing more of Charleston, I would love to live that way one day :)

  15. Little Fish says:

    So exciting Chassity! It’s a new chapter! Yay! Can’t wait to see the revamp! I’m sure it will be fabulous! xx

  16. Chassity, you and your blog are totally awesome! So you blog whenever the heck you feel like it, and the world will be waiting to read whatever it is you’ve discovered since you blogged last. Muah!!

  17. Vic Tullman says:

    You’ve done a lot in the last year — major, major life changes — having a child, renovating & moving, as well as being a Mom to your daughter and a wife to your husband. The demands on your time probably exceed your resources. Thanks for sharing your life and we know that you are an authentic, young voice that adds value. I’m sure whatever and whenever you post, it will be wonderful.

  18. More power to ya! Just know that no matter how stumped you have felt your blog never reflects it! Always something new to love and never stale! I am jealous that you will be hitting the streets of my favorite city!

  19. I am with you. Having said that, I LOVE being here each day. But, yes. Just looked at the hubs and said, “No post for tomorrow. Nothing has hit me yet.” It is crazy with all of the inspiration overload. But no matter what, your personality and style always come through. Can’t wait to see what you decide for a redesign. I started one too . . very difficult for me. Love you, friend.

  20. Bravo my friend. I think you know I feel the same way about being in a rut after our conversation and love the idea of not holding yourself to daily posts. I love you and your blog always:)

  21. Michelle says:

    I hear ya- good for you!!!

  22. Megan says:

    It’s really freeing to be in the place you are at now:) I’m really looking forward to seeing your new design. I have decided I don’t Twitter or FB, but still love Instagram and Pinterest.

  23. I am so happy for you! I am excited to see how your blog looks in its new makeover! :) Keep up the great work! I love your blog!

  24. I know exactly what you mean! Looking forward to the refresh!

  25. im feeling VERY similar to you! All the best with your new design.

  26. Thanks for this post! I feel the same way. There are so many great blogs out there it is hard to be different and fresh sometimes. You have inspired me to get out of my blog rut! I love reading your blog and look forward to what you have in store!

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