Date: Nov 15 2012

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You all know I’m a Bali Intimates girl. I’ve written about them here and here, attended their Style Summit in NYC, and just recently again professed my love of their bras here.  Now I’m happy to announce my recent partnership with Bali as their new Brand Ambassador.

What does this partnership mean to you? It basically means that I’ll share my experiences with new Bali products. What I love about this is that I’m sharing reviews on products that may not yet be on your radar. And these aren’t products that are hard to find or break your intimate apparel budget (which if you’re like me you want to keep to a minimum).

Today’s product review is a total gimme because it’s basically my favorite bra but slightly revamped with extra shaping (and they didn’t add padding!). I’ve religiously worn the Comfort Revolution bra for over a year now. It’s just so darn comfortable and easy. Now Bali has introduced a brand new bra named the Comfort Revolution Smart Sizes Shaping Wirefree. It’s just as comfortable and easy but has lightly lined foam cups that give a little extra lift. It’s my everyday bra that I wear to run errands, have lunch with friends, and hang around the house with my kids. To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed that the first Comfort Revolution bra even needed extra shaping. But this new version does have a great seamless look – and it actually looks better under many of my thin knit tops than my other bras! It doesn’t give off that top of the bra cup line that I dread.

I took the photos below at the Bali Style Summit in 2011. She’s wearing the original Comfort Revolution bra. 

The new Comfort Revolution Smart Sizes Shaping Wirefree bra (I know, the name is long but that doesn’t really matter does it?) just launched this week and is in stores now (think Macy’s Kohl’s, Belks – see full store list here)! It’s easy to fit sizing too thanks to it’s stretchy, flexible fabric- 16 size options simplified into S-XL. Go try it and tell me what you think. I bet you’ll love it too. :)

This post brought to you by Hanesbrands. All opinions expressed are my own.


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5 Responses to “It Starts Underneath”

  1. Brand ambassador. Sounds so glamorous. . . like Angelina Jolie! ;) Love me some good bras. Keep em coming sister.

  2. Oh now this is the coolest! Bras are pretty much the worst thing in the world for me. I wonder if the comfort revolution does anything for, err…sagging? After nursing two kids, well, you get the idea. Ugh!

  3. congrats on this!

    i’m not sure this bra would do much for me though other than be super colorful?

    i’ve a super small 32 B and need some serious help or i’m just a flat pancake after two babes. any recommendations???

  4. oops, i meant super comfortable! (although i do love the colors! =)

  5. Sam says:

    I just ordered 3 on amazon. I am super excited. After nursing three babies I need a little help. Ordered a small, easy sizing, hope it works. Thanks LLL xo

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