Date: Oct 10 2012

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Let’s say you needed a live in nanny, an au pair. Would you hire this girl?

No, I’m not hiring an au pair. But I did recently come upon the most gorgeous au pair I’ve ever laid eyes on. She was a 10, in her early twenties, sweet, funny, and had a swedish accent. I don’t lie. And she lived with a family as their au pair. I find this very interesting and bold on the wife’s part. What do you think? Would you hire a bombshell to live in your home and help you and your husband take care of the children? On one hand, you have a happy and healthy marriage. On the other hand, do you want to put the temptation in your home?

Just curious. Please talk amongst yourselves.

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23 Responses to “Would You Hire Her?”

  1. You kidding me right? no way!

  2. You kidding me right? no way!

  3. caycee says:

    ummmm…. Hell to the NO!!!! And my marriage is pretty bad-ass and I still say not a chance!!!

  4. That’s a negative ghostrider. I’m sure she’s great, but not in my house. What if she likes to walk around in her undies or something? I don’t really want anyone living in my house, gorgeous or not.

  5. Can I get a heck no?!!! We joke about this and I always tell me hubby that it would have to be a manny not a nanny.

  6. I thank god every day for having such a healthy and strong marriage and still. We are completely in love but why put that kind of temptation out there. It’s not even just the thought of a physical affair that would frighten me but the intimacy created with another adult in our home. It’s not good for me or my husband to have that level of confidante in our home. Unless its Mrs.Doubtfire :)

  7. Frannie says:

    Heck no!!
    No more than I would hire a Bradley Cooper look alike for my gardener or “manny!”

  8. Two words – Hellz No! No matter how tight your marriage is – we all have eyes still right?!

  9. Hmmmm…this is going to sound absolutely crazy, but the reason I probably wouldn’t hire her isn’t temptation for the hubby…it would be because I would have a super hard time with comparing myself to an absolutely perfect 20 year-old day in and day out. My poor fragile self esteem couldn’t take it! ha!!!

  10. Amanda Hill says:

    NO….there are many things I would hire out to ease a heavy work load. Not everyone is cut out to be a 100% stay at home mom, but a Nanny is not one of them. Even if your marriage is rock solid, its still a temptation and lets face its something they may think about on a daily basis even if they don’t act on it. So why put that in their face??? I say hire a house cleaner, cook, assistant but NO hot au pair to help raise the most intimate people in your life. At least get the old lady version of Nanny McPhee :)

  11. Amanda says:

    The Uglier the better

  12. My husband is always teasing me about hiring a Swedish au pair! and I just laugh because there is no way in hell I would let a hot, young thing come and live in my home!! Even the strongest of marriages don’t need that kind of temptation! Let’s not forget the Sex in the City movie with Charlotte’s braless nanny! ;)

  13. Who could forget that scene???!

  14. The Now says:

    Hahahah! I love this topic and I love all the comments. I probably don’t want someone that hot around me more than around my husband. I would just feel bad about myself! I would require that she wears sweats and no makeup…of course she would still be prettier than me. Ok I’ve made my decision..NO! haha!

  15. I think you know my stance. No way. Not happening.

  16. Sorry but no!! It’s weird enough to share your home with a stranger so you have to feel comfortable. Not that I am worried about my husband looking/cheating, but who wants to live with someone prettier than you??

  17. This is not even a question…Neva eva eva eva would I hire a gorg nanny! Even if your marriage is absolutely amazing I just think it’s a bad idea! I’m not afraid to admit it…girls are sneaky-especially pretty single ones! haha

  18. MFAMB says:

    honestly? i could give 2 shits of my husband jerked off to her in the bathroom or was tempted to make the moves…
    i would just be constantly annoyed at how much younger and prettier she was than me.

  19. Jessica says:

    Not in a million years :)

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I would not… I would refer her to a nice gay couple with kids, but she’s not coming into my house.

  21. Oh Sheesh, no way, no how. Wish I could say that I’m confident enough, but, no go. As Chris Rock says, “A man is only as faithful as his opportunities!” ;)

  22. Sarah says:

    nope. no way. not a chance. not happening! ;)

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