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Date: Aug 16 2018

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A little late by like two weeks but here is a recap of our latest Harbour Island trip!


This dutch door at Coral House is one of my most favorite features of the house. It opens up to Bay St and I love having it open and listening to the sounds of the island.



Night out with Josh, thanks for the picture Lilly!



I’m wearing a Bell Collection dress (one of my favorite summer brands), these woven sandals, and this half moon clutch.



Island mascot popping by to say hi.



Cute little corner in one of the downstairs bedrooms. The painting is by Karin Olah (check out her pieces here), the bedding is from Biscuit.



Feeling happy to be in my favorite place. This was from the first day of our trip. Wearing a Bell dress and these super cute sandals.



If I liked yoga this is how I would want to do it. Their rap music (gansta’s paradise) was a nice touch.



The kids took a few days of sailing lessons while we were there and they loved it!! What a fun experience.



Fresh squeezed orange juice from the Sweet Spot!



Shopping at Miss Alice’s! I’m wearing this dress and this stripe purse.



Southern Soul BBQ from Georgia had a pop up dinner on the island and it was so much fun! I’m wearing this pink palm dress!



Little nook by the pool and our new woodard iron chaises! Obsessed! Our pink and white stripe umbrellas are here on Amazon!



Saltwater cowboys.



Island shopping at Shine. This is one of my favorite spots to stop in and see what’s new.



I custom ordered this tote from Miss Alice on the island for Coral House because it just felt right. I’m wearing this black bikini and this blue print pareo.



Happy girl.



Happy boy on the beach.



Perfect dinner set up at The Dunmore.



My friend Wiggy has the most gorgeous island inspired clothing collection and this new dress is one of my favorite things to wear! Also this Susan Alexandra jeweled bag!



Trying to play it cool with hooligans at cocktail hour.



Waiting on us to go get donuts. Because vacation.



Run Lilly run.



I love this place. So. Much. It’s truly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and makes my heart sing. Similar stripe tote right here!



We take this picture every time! Love it. I’m wearing this swimsuit.



Can’t wait to get back soon! Check out Coral House right here :)



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Date: Aug 14 2018

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You guys, Serena & Lily’s brand new collection is so good. Have you seen it yet? I’m obsessed with their new stripe ottomans and new trays. Here are some of my most favorite new finds!


Family Room:



sectional     |     rattan chair     |     stripe ottoman     |     floor lamp





dining chair     |     dining table     |     banquette     |     blue rug





sofa     |     side table     |     rattan chair     |     coffee table





woven daybed     |     umbrella     |     stool     |     pillow cover





woven chair     |     round table     |     outdoor rug     |     wicker lanterns





daybed     |     leather stool     |     wall sconce     |     mirror





4 poster bed     |     stripe ottoman     |     floor lamp     |     linen duvet





sofa     |     hanging chair     |     ottoman     |     side table


Check ut all of Serena & Lily’s new arrivals right here!



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Date: Aug 11 2018

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Sooo excited to see one of my long time artist crushes up on One Kings Lane right now. Michelle Armas is a Georgia based gal and paints the prettiest abstracts. Her palette is total eye candy!


jet stream








star crossed




fourth ward


the shape of me




we’d be great together




true north




So pretty right? Hard to pick a favorite but it might be this one!


Check out Michelle Armas’ whole collection right here!



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Date: Aug 10 2018

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Etsy is the best, isn’t it? You can find anything on there. I recently scored this vintage rattan monkey basket (from this shop) on there and he now has a home at Coral House. So cute!!



Here are more of my recent Etsy finds that I’m loving!



1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9


See what else is new on Etsy right here!



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I’ve been doing a lot of reading this summer and wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Summer reading at it’s best!




blue & white floral maxi dress


Porch Decor:

similar swing bench, sling chair with tassels,

dip dyed wooden stool, raffia trim carafe and glass,

ivory montecito pillow cover, raffia santa cruz pillow cover,

sand palm pillow cover, orange cabana stripe pillow cover,

orange pinstripe pillow cover, outdoor pillow inserts, ivory tassel throw


Here are 9 of my favorite recent reads!



1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9


I loved all of these for different reasons, and recommend them all! Also I just started Crazy Rich Asians and so far so good. I can’t wait to see the movie after I finish the book!


If you want to see more of my Favorite Book round up posts check them out right here.




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Date: Aug 3 2018

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Favorite 5 for Friday! 5 things I’m totally loving now.


The New Burberry Giant Reversible Tote:



Yes I’m obsessed with the Burberry Giant totes. No I STILL haven’t bought one. Maybe this one is the one? Dying over the colors. It’s reversible and these are the two sides of the bag! Amazing. Check out all of them right here.


Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket:



The new Levi’s denim jacket, and I want it.


Green Abstract Art:



I love the colors in this abstract piece by Stephanie Henderson. Would be so pretty on my wall.


Tassel Drapes:



Adorable pink drapes with oversized tassels. Sign me up. Would be so cute in an office or kids space!


Loeffler Randall’s New Bag Collection:



Loeffler Randall’s new collection is so freaking good. I’m especially loving all of the bags. Blush pink shearling, green feather tote, forest green leather crossbody, and a pearl leather fan tote.







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