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Date: Jan 31 2012

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For some matte and pastel lipstick shades very soon…

Here’s hoping I look half as chic as these ladies and not like a pastey blob.  Do any of you have a favorite shade and brand for this season?  
images via j.crew.


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Date: Jan 31 2012

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Pure sweet loveliness is happening over at my sponsor Pixie Lily right now.  They’ve just expanded their vintage styles to include up to 3T.  And the new Spring Toddler collection is as cute as it could be.  And I’ve said it before but I must say it again, PL’s quality is off the charts and is the softest clothing in both Lilly & Fletcher’s closets.

{love this girl’s romper}
Be sure to pop over and see the whole collection!  
Oh, and for all of you Charleston Mommas, Pixie Lily is now welcoming clients to the “atelier” on Society Street by appointment for fittings and to see the collections.


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Date: Jan 30 2012

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My friend Tobe from Because It’s Awesome is visiting today!  She was so sweet to write me and offer up her writing services so I could get a little bloggy/mommy break.  What she didn’t know is the amazing timing she had!  I read her email Friday afternoon right after the Dr. told me that Fletcher’s RSV (which is basically a super bad cold and can be real dangerous for infants, especially prior preemies) was looking pretty bad and he needed to go straight to the hospital for monitoring and support.  I’m happy to report that after 2 nights there we were released and Fletcher is home doing much better than he was last week!

So again Tobe, thank you so much for stopping by LLL today.  I hope you all enjoy her post on brights :)  I know I do!


hello, look linger lovers! tobe from because it’s awesome here to give one of our favorite mamas in the blogsphere a teeny tiny break. after reading chassity’s latest post about the exhaustion of motherhood (albeit a small sacrifice for the joy of having a brand new babe to love on and an adorable tot like lilly), i thought to myself, what would any woman need on a monday morning to get her week started right? my conclusion? brights! nothing like sporting color in big doses to keep your spirits up! i managed to round up a few pieces that are sure to get the job done:

what do you think? i say a little bit of color is bound to add a whole lot of sunshine to anyone’s day!


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Date: Jan 29 2012

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A couple of fun things for this Sunday…

First up, if you aren’t reading one of my favorite daily reads, The Vault Files, you’re really missing out.  Gaby always shares the best stuff, but I really loved her latest “Fashion File: Now & Later” post.

Um, can I have it all??  Seriously though, can I have it all?  Click over to her blog for all the shopping links.

Next up, if I didn’t already have red flats, I’d own these hole punch skimmers.  So cute right?

And then some winners, shall we?  First up, the Stella & Dot $100 gift card.

Congratulations Shelley!  She said…

Blogger Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said…

Oh my, the Bamboleo necklace is stunning! Thanks for the chance to win!
January 24, 2012 8:48 AM


And by the way, holy cuteness blog!  You should definitely go check her out.  Love the sneak peek she just shared of her daughter Izzy’s new room.  Here’s one of the shots.

And now for the Tilly Maison mug set giveaway…

Congratulations Katie!  She said…
Blogger Katie said…
Also following TM on Twitter for a second shot at the pink :)

Enjoy your new pink mugs, Katie!  They’re sure to make your mornings cheery :)  
Enjoy your Sunday!


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Date: Jan 27 2012

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At the 12 am, 2 am, 4 am, 6 am, and 8 am feedings with Fletcher.  
Or some equally glam version of that.  
I won’t lie to you. It’s been really hard the last 2 months, with this last week being no exception.  We’ve all been sick (still are), Lilly is starting to show jealousy (can’t blame her for that), and Fletcher nurses every 2 hours on average.  I’m exhausted.  I need the long break that I dream of that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  I’m thankful to have this little space to keep me feeling glittery and shiny even when I’m still sitting in my pjs doing the momma thang.  God bless ya’ll for giving me that.

Here’s hoping for a long nap this weekend.  Happy Friday, Everyone!

Gemma Ward by Rachael Casselis via Simply Seductive via Bienenkiste.


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Date: Jan 26 2012

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She’s got some beauties in shop right now.  Think good giftables for Valentine’s Day…

Bellocq Tea –  Award winning + luxurious.
Silk Safari Shirt – The shirt to have this season, seeing this style a lot.
Matta Skirt – Maybe to wear on Valentine’s Day? Or anyway.


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