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Date: May 31 2012

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I will begin this post by stating that Charleston needs a Drybar. Right on King Street.
It would flourish (do you hear me, Alli??). 

If you’re unfamiliar with Drybar, it’s pretty much a girly salon that only does blowouts. No cuts. No color. Just $35 blowouts. Just think of the pretty hair possibilities for your girl’s nights, various parties, dates… As simple as hitting up Drybar before hand.

I had been dying to try it out as I had heard a lot about them (there are currently only 14 locations but they are practically doubling that # by the end of 2012). So I contacted Drybar about putting together a little party, blogger style of course, while we were in NYC for Blogfest. Drybar took it to an awesome level and hosted us (of course this meant only a limited amount of people could join in on the fun which kinda sucked – picking and choosing – not my thing – it caused me anxiety for real). Regardless, Drybar was all sorts of amazing- head massages, iphone docking stations, champagne… Good stuff. And the founder, Alli Webb, even showed up and joined in on the fun! That’s one example of a woman with a good idea and executing it to perfection.

I really wish we all would have taken a “Before” picture! But here’s the “After”! 
{From left to right: Erika, Erica, Christine, Naomi,

{Christine in hair pretty progress, and the founder, Alli}

It really was a fun time and everyone’s hair was gorgeous. Upon our departure we were sent off with Drybar umbrellas and the adorable Joss & Main girls (did I mention they showed up too? Such a great shopping site!) gave us gift bags that had iPhone/iPad charging batteries. Brilliant. 
So to sum it up, awesome place. If you have a Drybar in your city, I’m jealous of you. If you travel somewhere that has one, make an appointment!


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Date: May 30 2012

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How about this for a cool idea… Take an iconic vintage photograph and create a space or outfit inspired by that very image. Well that’s exactly what designer extraordinaire Angie Hransowsky and the vintage curating maven Lauren Lail teamed up to accomplish at Novel in downtown Charleston. And they didn’t just do one photograph, they did two. The outcome, Living Vintage, is perfection. What’s even better, all of the items used in the collections are for sale…

Inspiration Photograph #1:

And the interpretation…

Inspiration Photograph #2:
And it’s interpretation…

Hmmmm… those floral pants look familiar don’t they? Oh yeah, I was wearing them in my Blogfest recap yesterday :) They’re mine now (I said everything was on sale!). And I dream of purchasing that peachy sofa in the first set of photos, and pretty much everything else. No surprise, Angie and Lauren are quite the dream team. Both gorgeous, too. Congrats on a successful event, Ladies!
Photography by Julia Lynn.


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Date: May 29 2012

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Hi Everyone! I feel like I’ve been away from my blog for ages. I had a bunch of posts pre-written and ready to go last week while I was away, and then I took full advantage of enjoying the holiday weekend. But I’m pumped to be back :)

So I want to share details from Blogfest in NYC last week. SUCH a great time. I mean, what’s not to love about getting away for a girly trip with friends who understand your love of blogging, pretty interiors, and fashion :) Here are two of my ultimate favorites (+ a special addition, Margaret Russell, holy shitzballs).

{Amanda, Me, Christine, and Margaret}

Alright, I had to start out big :) Margaret’s super cool. But so are all of my bloggy friends. They all mean so damn much to me and are super duper cool. I’ll say it again, bloggers are cool in real life too! We all had such a fun time last week!
* Managed to squeeze in lots of time with my good friend Marysia
* Bloggers love colored skinny jeans (yes they were everywhere)
* Bloggers still love peonies
* Amanda, Alex, Me, and Roxy
Did I mention that it rained a lot last week? Good thing I brought my Loeffler Randall rain booties!

* Amanda, Me, and Sue
*Laura brought along her watercolor prints and I got to pick one!
* House Beautiful’s new “Print to Pin” function. So cool.
* Meg, Me, and Erika (love these two!)
* Me, Naomi, and Alex (2 girls that are my people for sure)
* Loving my moroccan glass at the New Traditionalist Party
* One of the incredible displays at the New Traditionalist Showroom
* Hanging with Mr. Call. He’s totally awesome.
And then it rained some more…
As far as Blogfest goes, for me it’s pretty much a good excuse to go have fun and network. I enjoyed a lot of parts of the actual Blogfest event, but some of it was just too much and way too crowded. Like, you could barely move in some of the show homes that we toured. But all in all Blogfest was a great event and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to attend. Kravet did a superb job of hosting. And it was full of amazing people. Amazing people that I cannot even believe I don’t have a picture of to share here on the blog (you know who you are!) Oh, and I roomed with my friend Amanda again. She’s the bomb, love her.
I’ll have a few more NYC trip related posts this week from some other fun things I did {the Drybar party and a little trip up to Lucky Magazine’s office.} I also ate way too much, shopped, and just flat out enjoyed myself. That is until it was time to go home. Basically a travel nightmare – canceled flight, sleeping in an airport (yes that actually ended up happening!)… But on the plus side, while hanging in the airport I did have the joy of witnessing two young girls get surprised by their parents with a trip to Disney World. I cried a little, I won’t lie, it was too sweet. Life is good.

Note: This post was edited on May 30th. It’s been brought to my attention that some of the opinions I opened up about and shared could be taken as hurtful, and that is really the last thing I want to do on here.


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Date: May 25 2012

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I love this little series. A marriage of two of my loves, art and fashion.
 “Abstract Luna” $115 (Guache 12 x 18)   +   Chevron Maxi Dress
Delicata Pencil Skirt   +   “Abstract X” $115 (Guache 12 x 18) SOLD

Hit me up if you would like to purchase my art. Sizes are in inches.

PS, I still have a few pieces available over here.


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Date: May 24 2012

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I’m quite enamored with Fleur & Dot’s Fall 2012 collection.

I mean, right? These vintage inspired handmade pretties are too cute. You can see the rest of the collection here. And I just might have to pick up a few of the summer pieces for Lilly in the meantime…
And I know it may not be everyone’s thing, but I’m really digging these moody (and vintage) images.
“The classics are always modern.”


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Date: May 23 2012

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My friend Deirdre Zahl, the beauty and brains behind Candy Shop Vintage, just returned from a little shopping trip with the mother load of vintage baubles. And she was sweet enough to invite me over for a little preview (aka first dibs).

I’m not great at vintage shopping, but I’m really trying to be better about it. Jewelry is easier than clothes though. And I’m so thankful to have some serious vintage loving girlfriends who can help me out in this department and just bring the cool and unique pieces to me. Deirdre being one of them.

I made out like a bandit with these beauties. SO excited.

Deirdre is also in the process of creating her own line of vintage inspired jewels. It’s going to be epic.


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