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Date: Aug 23 2012

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We’ve been reading a lot of Alice In Wonderful lately. It’s Lilly’s new favorite. And every time I try to think of a name for this new painting, Dinah comes to mind. Remember Dinah? Alice’s cat? So I’m rolling with it. Dinah is up in my shop. But if she doesn’t get snatched up, that’s okay. I’m considering painting a partner for her and hanging them in my office.

I think she’s super fun. And Dinah’s a large lady, stretching her legs out to 36×30. Want more fun stuff? This morning I was on my friend Amber’s blog, (and clearly neglecting my children – note the stroller that fell on Fletcher) and I peeped the blogger OKL sale that’s starting today.

{This is the playroom, disaster area. And how dirty is my computer?? Ugh}

Super exciting stuff y’all. That site is going to be loaded with goodies hand selected by some pretty fabulous fellow bloggers. Don’t miss it.

Lastly, I was browsing Target yesterday and came upon some really great plaids. Happy Happy. Go check them out if you haven’t lately. How great is this blazer?? I don’t see it online but it’s in stores.


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Date: Aug 22 2012

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Have you met my friend Erica? She’s all sorts of awesome.

Such a rad momma (she has 5 boys! 5!). She’s a former designer for Sarah Richardson Inc & Design Inc (I know!). And she’s just about the sweetest, lovliest person ever. I know this, we’ve hung out and stuff. Not to boast… :) But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about how Erica has single handedly convinced me that I need some converse kicks. Scroll back up there and take a peek at her shoes. I’ll wait.
Call them what you want… sneakers, kicks, tennies. I love them. And I know they’ve been around forever. Both Josh and Lilly have a pair But I never really thought that I needed them. Oh but I do. I dooo. And they don’t break the bank at all. 
They have a million colors, and you can even customize them. I like the high top version too. Decisions decisions…
What do you think? Which Converse is your favorite? I think I’m partial to the dark colors.


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Date: Aug 21 2012

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My latest saves and hearts…

Do I need a backpack? Of course not. But that rug and side table have me major lusting. And those earrings come in a lot of colors and are only $19.


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Date: Aug 20 2012

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Have I mentioned that our kitchen is still awaiting the hood, island, and banquette table? And we need this stuff in a major way. Not in a I can’t live in this house and function kind of way, but in a our kitchen is freaking huge and needs some furniture kind of way. I’m stuck waiting on the island and table, but our hood IS on it’s way :)

And I’m just saying. I’m just saying. It’s exactly what I wanted.

Happy doesn’t quite express my elation. I knew I wanted a statement piece. All of these kitchens inspired me.
I don’t know, I’d say he nailed it. And by he, I mean my metalsmith, Aaron of Vogler Copperworks. It’s fun when good guys that you grew up with have some crazy talent. 
Can’t wait to get her up.


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Date: Aug 17 2012

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Oh hey Friday, so glad you’re here. In your honor, a few other things I’ve been lately loving.

This scarf

These pants
Trina’s diy glitter boots
My friend Reagan rockin’ a tutu down King St for her daughter Caroline’s birthday. #truemommalove

This wallpaper

And this 36×36 commission I just finished for a little girl’s room.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!
**Sorry Reagan, I just had to!**


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Date: Aug 16 2012

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I love flats. I live in them during the day. You really can’t have enough. At least I can’t. And I think Urban Outfitter’s collection is bodacious. Most of these are around $30. Yippie.

Hey, thanks so much for all the love the last couple of days. I’ve definitely been feeling it and think my readers are the best gals in the world. Together we can take on the world. Or a least a few shopping sites ;)


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