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Date: Mar 31 2019

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My favorite Sundays are the kind of Sundays when we stay in our pajamas all day, as is the case today! Lilly and I are loving our new pj’s from Lake’s latest collection


stripe shorts set on Lilly, and the mariposa ribbon set on me

1     |     2     |     3

4     |     5     |     6

7     |     8     |     9

Adorable!! I have this pj dress and it’s so cute. I really want this one, too! Check out the whole new Lake Pajamas collection here!


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The longer days have us spending more time outside, and along with that comes more bug bites (especially at dusk here in the Lowcountry, hello no-see-ums!). But we’re not going to hide out indoors and miss all of this amazing Spring weather, and thanks to PROcure Hydrocortisone + Calendula we don’t have to.

Our family uses PROcure Hydrocortisone + Calendula Cream because it relieves and heals the itchy bites quickly and is guilt free! It’s safe for our entire family and is free from all the harsh chemicals! No parabens, alcohol, or petrolatum. PROcure combines the wisdom of nature with the power of science, and is readily available at Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon

PROcure Hydrocortisone + Calendula is also great for eczema, minor burns, chafing, cuts & scrapes, and other minor skin irritations like redness and rashes! Chances are we will all encounter one of these in the months ahead so if you want to be prepared with a skin-loving hydrocortisone cream that works then I recommend this


baseball t-shirt, black ballet flats, light wash jeans

tinted sunscreen, glossier matte lipstick

Photography by Abby Murphy. Thank you PROcure for partnering on this post.


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Raise your hand if you were basically an honorary member of the Babysitter’s Club as a kid. I lived in the country with no girls nearby so the majority of my free time was spent either playing outside by myself or reading books in my room. And I read a lot of books. Like, one a day. I would display them on my book shelves like a badge of honor. My favorite books were the Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High Twins (devoted reader from the kids books to the college series). I had them ALL. And I saved them. And now Lilly and I read them together. We are up to number #32 and she’s just as hooked as I was.  

If you didn’t save your books then it’s been a HUGE bummer because they stopped publishing the originals and started publishing them as a type of comic. I mean. WHAT?! No!! Finally they’re getting with the program and have released a new Retro Set

Aaaand I’m not even done. NETFLIX announced that they’re planning a 10 episode Babysitter’s Club reboot!! They’re bringing back Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacy, Dawn, and Claudia. I realized they’re the original 5 but I love Jessie & Mal! Maybe they’ll work their way onto the show by the 10th episode to keep things moving for a season 2?! One can hope! Catch up on The Babysitter’s Club right here :)


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TGIF! Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away?? I mean, 2019 is flying. 

These new Lake pajamas from their Heart Collection are our new favorites! I’m so excited that they now make kids sizes because they’re seriously so cute and comfortable! This pink and white stripe set is Lilly’s new favorite pj’s to wear!


My heart pajamas, Lilly’s pink stripe pajamas

I also wanted to share this adorably charming book by one of my most favorite artists, Janet Hill. It’s called Miss Moon: Wise Words From a Dog Governess and the story and illustrations are based on a prim & proper woman who lives on a small island off the coast of France who has 67 dogs. Seriously, so quirky and fun. Also, Janet’s 2nd book, Miss Mink: Life Lessons for a Cat Countess, just released too!

And here’s a little Valentine’s inspired round up to end our week! Everything from the perfect gift, a pretty spring wreath, to the perfect girly outfit.

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5     |     6     |     7     |     8

9     |     10     |     11     |     12

The Tokens of my Love set is THE cutest. Would be so fun to keep these on hand for loved one’s birthdays through the year. Really love this little ceramic travel mug (coffee just takes better out of a ceramic vessel). And these heels, jaw drop.

Photography by Abby Murphy.


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In partnership with Athleta. Active. Healthy. Confident.

Today is National Girls & Women in Sports Day, and to celebrate Lilly and I are partnering with our favorite activewear brand, Athleta, to share some of our favorite ways we stay active together! As a mother, it’s important to me to set a healthy, active example for my kids. I want to encourage them to be strong, both inside and out.

Lilly is using these pink toning weight balls

My kids love to try out a lot of different sports and activities, which I encourage! There are so many more options today than there were when I was growing up. Staying active not only builds a healthy lifestyle, it builds confidence, too! 

Having a small gym space in our home has definitely boosted our activity level. It’s fun to turn on some music and exercise together. Lilly loves practicing yoga, doing pilates, dancing, tumbling, cycling, lifting (light) weights, jumping rope… a wide variety of exercise keeps it interesting! And you don’t need a room dedicated solely as a gym, a small open space anywhere in your home will work.

Our pilates reformer is pretty popular in my house (we have the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer). It’s my favorite way to exercise! It’s great for strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, and is really fun to use. 

vintage style fan here

Taking a cool break, which rather nicely shows off Lilly’s Athleta sweatband! I love how it coordinates with her leggings.

Speaking of, Athleta’s leggings and tops are soft and stretchy – important features for kids! They’re great for all activities – both indoors and outdoors!

And I love my white crisscross hoodie! It’s thin and lightweight, but still keeps me warm.

Today, February 6th, marks the 33rd Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day! This celebration has empowered women and girls to get moving, reap the benefits of physical activity, and push past their limits both in sports and in life. Lilly & I hope you’ll join us in celebrating! 



Photography by Abby Murphy. Sponsored by Athleta.


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In partnership with Athleta. Active. Healthy. Confident.


It’s an unordinary day on the blog today as Lilly leads me in yoga. Some things to keep in mind are 1) I don’t do yoga and 2) I don’t do yoga.



But, like most moms, I’m down for anything when it comes to spending time with my girl. And thanks to Athleta we both get to dress the part! Lilly practices yoga at school so she was able to show me a few of her favorite moves. Some I totally nailed (in my mind)…



And some I’m going to have to work on…



Everyone knows that exercising is more fun with a prop (especially when they’re pink).



At this point we’re professionals…



It makes my heart happy to see Lilly enjoy exercise. I want her to know that her potential is limitless, to be inspired to try everything she dreams of. Athleta Girl offers high quality, comfortable apparel with product features like hidden pockets, NEVEREND drawstrings, and chafe-free seamless fabric. They’re collection is versatile and well designed that Lilly can grow with. Plus, they’re leggings feel like pure butter. We are BIG Athleta fans here at our house and I highly recommend you check them out, too!




You can shop both my whole look and Lilly’s look on this unique Athleta page right here!


Photography by Abby Murphy



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