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Date: Sep 28 2012

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Life isn’t so bad when you get to walk to a waterfront park wearing some cool clothes. Alright, Fletcher might not care so much about what he’s wearing. But Lilly sure does. And she loves some Tea Collection. The line is equally cute as it is comfy and easy to take care of (which is real important to me).

Tea is one of those super cool companies doing super cool things. One of which was letting me choose some things for Lilly and Fletcher. Stripes and pink piped leggings are right up our alley.
A few winter favorites too. Love these little boots.
PS… Some of you may remember Tea sent some things to Lilly last year…
My how she’s grown. You can see that whole feature here. Thanks for keeping my kids dressed so sweetly, Tea!


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Date: Sep 27 2012

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I started Look Linger Love for a few reasons. A creative outlet? Sure. A place to store all the sweet stuff that I love? Definitely. But mainly, I started Look Linger Love to celebrate awesome people and what those awesome people are doing. I get such joy by helping out someone and connecting people. Yes, generally these people are women. I guess you could say I’m girly by nature.

I’ve been feeling a little bogged down here on my blog for the past several months. Not everyday, but enough days. With the number of lifestyle blogs growing, and pinterest and instagram, it’s hard to share something new and inspiring daily. And I guess I just don’t think it’s okay for Look Linger Love to just be another blog regurgitating the same stuff that we’ve seen time and time before. I’ve come too far at this point.

So. What to do? For one, I’m no longer holding myself to a daily blog post standard. If I’m not feeling like I have anything really great worth sharing, well then you likely won’t hear from me that day. Also, I’ve set time aside each week where I’m getting out of my house and beating the streets, shops, you name it, to bring you some good stuff. (Don’t worry, this will not turn into just a Charleston blog!!) There is so much greatness in this city though, and some seriously cool women doing cool things that are relevant to people anywhere and everywhere. I’m so excited to start this.

I’m also looking to finally re-design my site. It needs an overhaul. A really good one. It’s pricey though. And I just have to figure all that out.

Bottom line, I’m tired of scowling at the computer and groaning. I’m bringing it back to this feeling.

It’s good to shake things up a bit. Thanks for reading.

Photo by Charlotte Elizabeth.


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Date: Sep 25 2012

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Want the fun color coded book vibe?

Well then run over to this shop. Jaysworld Vintage Book Decor sells collections of books ranging by color. What a brilliant idea. 

I know, I know. Why a buy a book if you’re not going to read it? Well, then read it. And make your home look good too ;)

Grouping volumes by color just makes it look cool. That’s all.


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Date: Sep 24 2012

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I bought some baskets.

I fully intend on ripping off that basket diy. You know the one. I’ll report back when/if I do.


My friend Marysia Reeves is pregnant and makes it look so very chic. Right?

Well she and photographer Lindsey Belle are working up a maternity style feature exclusive for Look Linger Love. It’ll be good, and it’s coming soon :)
Can anyone tell me what kind of tree/bush this is? I need it in my backyard. I could just go knock on their door (they live in my neighborhood and I haven’t met them yet) but figured I’d run it past y’all first.
** Update – thanks to my reader Leah, I’ve learned this tree is a huge brugmansia, commonly referred to as Angel’s Trumpet. After some research I’ve found that it’s very poisonous and deadly. Damn.


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Date: Sep 21 2012

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Confetti tosses for my friend Alesya. Yesterday she debuted her fall collection of Alesya Bags to the world.

Alesya’s laptop bag line is designed to enhance your outfit, not ruin it. These look just like pretty handbags! And I know I have more than a few LLL readers who not only agree with me but are already Alesya Bag customers. We would love to hear your thoughts :)
And here is Alesya with her bag, isn’t she gorg?
The bags have arrived and are now available on the Alesya Bags site (finally). We’ve been waiting for these new colors for what seemed like forever ago when her last collection sold out! Congrats, Alesya. You are one rockin’ momma who inspires me every day!
PS that nifty packaging was designed for Alesya by Stitch. So pretty. Enjoy the weekend, Everyone. Go make your dreams come true ;) 


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Date: Sep 20 2012

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Seriously so-much-fun at the kate spade new york opening party here in Charleston last weekend. I was so happy to see so many of my local girls there – you guys rock and came out in droves (I’m blessed to have so many great supporters!). Now I’d like to think it was to see me, but we all know it was really to check out kate spade new york’s new digs.

That’s me. I know. I look surprisingly good and totally resemble JLo (wait, does she still go by JLo?).

As you know I co-hosted the party with InStyle and kate spade new york. Here below are two of my fellow parter throw-ererers, Dawn and Noura, respectively from InStyle and kate spade new york. They are awesome and totally rocked that store.

That girl down there on the right is real happy with her new bag. Just saying.

Oh hey look, surprise, I shopped too. Have you ever tried kate spade new york jeans? I’m just going to put a public announcement out here that you should. Because they are some of the best jeans ever. Anyone that I mentioned this to on Saturday ended up buying at least one pair. They suck you in, people. And run true to size. Broome Street all the way.

As seen in my jeans here.

Here are my friends Amy and Kim. They both got this shoe. It’s gorgeous, not your average nude heel. Like, your legs look 5 inches longer gorgeous.
I’m certain these men are busy discussing the merits of a nude heel vs a black heel.
We shopped. Were well fed by Hamby Catering’s amazing Leah Stoudenmire and her team of cute guys. Listened to good tunes played by our DJ, Jeremy of Scratch. And had an overall great time thanks to Charleston’s store manager Janice Ironmonger and her sweet team of girls. Oh, and all of these amazing photos are possible thanks to Leigh Weber, one of Charleston’s very finest!
Welcome to Charleston, kate spade new york. So glad to have you here in the Holy City!

Photography by Leigh Weber.


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